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● Cristiano Ronaldo 2013 ● Real Madrid ● Portugal ●

cristiano ronaldo 2013, 2012/13, portugal, real madrid, skills, goals.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Carlos Valenzuela Nuñez

    ronaldo es simplemente el mejor!!!!

  2. amazing

  3. Francisco Maciel da Silva Junior

    qual e onome da musica

  4. sałatka warzywno ze syrym

  5. Stafford Brothers feat. Ollie James – Falling (Starkillers Remix)

  6. What’s the songs name?

  7. Nice 🙂

  8. Really nice prod !

  9. Cristiano Ronaldo THE BEST FOR EVER <3

  10. true that 

  11. RealProoductionCR7

    sony vegas pro 10

  12. What kind of editing software do you use ? And by do you record with ? Plz reply

  13. jamiryoo kurşunlu

    Bu amın çocukları saçlarını böyle yapınca tarz oluyo,biz yapınca sebze halindeki kasacılara dönüyok amk..ADALETİNİ SİKİYİM DÜNYAAA !!! Like atın Türklerrr 🙂 Önemli bişey sansın o.ç lar 😀

  14. RealProoductionCR7

    Stafford Brothers feat. Ollie James – Falling (Starkillers Remix)

  15. какя здесь музыка?

  16. какая здесь музыка?

  17. good video, shit song

  18. am i the only one that wants to see ronaldos highlites from 2013 without the retarded video effects,it makes the video unwatchable

  19. Bastián Arismendi Pinto

    El gol de tiro libre fue bueno

  20. This was a actually bad ass ! Nice work

  21. Great video.

  22. CRON is so great!! i love his tricks and skills

  23. Sick, if anyone could have 1 minute, and check out my channel, it would be highly appreciated.
    I uploaded my second video today, and i really need feedback.
    Thank you for your time.
    #Sincerely Lucas

  24. Epic

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