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[4] Liverpool FC training in Interlaken

[4] Liverpool FC training in Interlaken

Liverpool training in Interlaken on Friday 18 July 2008.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Permission from old pictures Football league / Premier league ENGLAND My new video about Gerrard, hope you enjoy it! By Edson Video HD Youtube: http://www.yo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. @guchi345 torres was celabrating euro 2008

  2. yea i was lookin for him the whole time

  3. where’s fernando torres??!

  4. vorinin is even shit in training

  5. it is one of the worlds most scenic places in switzerland..its amazing with nice lakes and mountains and waterfalls etc..just google it to see yourself

  6. well…the proper training is running a few laps…get some sweat as you warm up…other wise you’ll get crams

  7. Raffi Chilingaryan

    yeah you’re right, that’s odd considering he’s just jogging

  8. no, it’s in switzerland.. they allways go to switzerland in summer!

  9. lol el zhar lazy? he is a hard worker man..

  10. El Zhar looks like a lazy fucker

  11. i love liverpool team

  12. no robbie fowlers god lad 🙂

  13. no he is god

  14. why are there gay ass bitches laughing

  15. that’s because he’s jesus.

  16. When Gerrard runs his heels don’t seem to touch the ground

  17. Fucks that music

  18. great goals but  shocking backing track these type of clips so much better with commentary

  19. To talk badly of Gerrard bc of the team you support is to not truly appreciate the art that is football. I support united, i love united, but Gerrard is pure class, any1 saying differently need not be payed attention

  20. Im still alive !

  21. 3rd should be no.1 🙂
    STEVE G ! STEVE G ! STEVE G ! <3

  22. i’m a Liverpool fan and i’m just saying he is the best

  23. Arsenal fan. Yet this guy is my fav player, respect

  24. great vid mate:)!

  25. best player ever! c’mon reds! c’mon stevie!

  26. Any lfc fan would put the header against milan in front of the volly against middleborugh because it was so important

  27. the last one is the goal vs middlesborugh

  28. I’d rather be struck by lighting and not struck by a shot for Gerrard

  29. the olympiakos goal was epic but wasn’t the celebration wrong?

  30. I liked it but that is just a retarded comment. If someone disliked it then well they probably didn’t like something about the video. Maybe they didn’t like the music (I didn’t like it either.) But wishing them to die is just stupid lol.

  31. should of done a top 20 at least he scored plenty of quality goals

  32. wrong celebration for the olympiakos goal, he went fuckin mental not a little pussy fist pump

  33. Good video, WANK music!!!

  34. jesus daniel salcedo gonzalez

    simplemente es el mejor mediocampista y uno de los mejores futbolistas del mundo

  35. Fucking mute.

  36. My favorate player in the world if he retires LFC wont ever be the same YNWA

  37. All the dislikers are mindless

  38. hope he doesnt retire =)

  39. It’s gonna be emotional when he retires

  40. What a legend

  41. Dani Tejedor Cañamero

    I’ll talk my children’s children about this player

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