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Anfield Tunnel: Acces All Areas v Stoke City

Anfield Tunnel: Acces All Areas v Stoke City

Our cameras were granted access-all-areas inside the Anfield tunnel for our 2011-12 FA Cup Quarter-Final with Stoke City. See first hand what happens away fr…


  1. Please spell Access* right.

  2. Looks gay when they keep touching the sign. Let it go.

  3. Looks like council lesiure centre….looks cheap in the tunnel

  4. Who ever was playing Rihanna full blast, I feel let down by you.

  5. pennant D xD

  6. Top button up stevieee

  7. 1:43 nice beats

  8. YNWA!!!!!

  9. yawn

  10. Gerrard’s “fake smile” with the kid at 5:33 is hilarious, he’s done it in
    every “Anfield Tunnel”.

  11. ahhh, a true fan then? Is it because the club hasn’t won the league or been
    in the champs league? Get in mate, sure the club are buzzing to get you
    back in the ground.

  12. then why you watching their video then you stupid twat?

  13. does anyone else want a pair of those liverbird beats that suarez has

  14. I do think so. Just read the article of it again.Cant post the link here,
    just type in “LeBron James visits Liverpool, gives impersonal gifts”

  15. Gotta admit I like the idea that they all wear matching suits, uniforms and
    kits no matter what.

  16. LOL suarez and his flask.

  17. fuck me , what is up with mancs coming on LFC videos? they sing more about
    us then there own team then they come trolling on youtube channel.

  18. they should play Beatles more often, then they will win more

  19. 01:52 ashton kutcher in 2ndahalfmen

  20. i want Suarez’s beat..LeBron James Y U NO SELL LFC BEATS TO PUBLIC?

  21. Didnt LeBron James give the whole squad the Beats?

  22. thats so awesome! the liverpool way. touching the anfield sign before you
    walk out. BR should make it mandatory that every player touches the sign!

  23. 9:56 Luis your supposed to touch the ‘This is Anfield’ sign, not under it.

  24. how can spearings shirt ever fit crouchs

  25. Suarez beats customised. Liverpool bird. WTF I WANT IT TOO!! 1:38

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