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Arsenal FC 0 Chelsea 2 – I Feel It For Jenkinson –

Mark The Nervous Gooner not happy with the Arsenal performance against Chelsea. STORE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: ht…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Well Said with passion

  2. When we don’t play at speed, we look slow… No shit Sherlock

  3. Goal was wilsheres fault. Once you allow the ball to bounce everyone was in
    trouble. Also once the ball bounces fabianski should be coming out quicker.

  4. i know jekinson is a true arsenal fan but just isnt good enough, although
    he is a brilliant athlete unfortunately he doesn’t have the football brain
    which is a shame

  5. fan with passion . a real gooner

  6. Ryo and Bendtner was far the worse players. Jenkinson was not great but he
    was not bad either. He did a alot of things right.

  7. The only players that were top yesterday were moneral, cazorla, rosicky and

  8. If I be fair an objective I have seen jenks play good but yesterday I felt
    he was back to square 1 where even the most basic of things like crossing,
    clearing or early passing he was a mess. For the 2nd goal check his
    clearance. Loan out I say get bellerin in the squad

  9. Jamal FriedChicken

    trying to take over our country?…cunts

  10. Wouldn’t say he is nevouse LOL

  11. Chelsea’s defence was just too solid. Arsenal only had 1 shot on target.

  12. Japanese Super Cat Bishop With A Machete


  13. Japanese Super Cat Bishop With A Machete

    To be fair to Jenks, the ball took a wicked bounce just before he headed it
    back, if that hadn’t happened, he probably would have gotten enough power
    into it to make it safely back to Fabianski. After that Chelsea passed the
    ball around their back four for the rest of the game much to the elight of
    the commentator, “Chelsea Dominating possession” … “Chelsea have just
    been sublime” … Such a dishonorable way to win a game, I was bored out of
    my mind when they had the ball.

  14. All our players that would offer that width are injured, its not even the
    pace were lacking because miyachi has a lot of that, its what they do with
    the ball on the wings, chelsea defended well & then ontop they were
    pressing forcing us to just play the ball backwards & sideways getting

  15. Nervous gooner always speaks sense 🙂

  16. Give this guy some more interviews, this guy gets it.

  17. myaichi would be better at right back than jenkinson

  18. Great opinion mark and everything we do we get counter attack we are
    missing flamini coz he is guy that can protect bak 4 and u can’t just have
    theo u need options we may need bak up get another flamini like him so when
    flamini injured we don’t need arteta in that CDM In role Jenko gd but needs
    step up

  19. M.Yusoff Jamaludin

    What the hell Jamal Friedchicken?, I have never been abused by my religion,
    background or whatever. I’m a gooner at heart and always will be. Gooners
    worldwide is behind the team. We don’t need a twat like u to tell us
    anything. Go finish ur chooks mate!. Disgraceful!

  20. so what is your point? I’am a muslim, and I’am a gooner, what we muslims
    can’t support a football club? just asking

  21. We’ve got no depth in the squad and we cant wait for those injures players
    to come back. Chelsea only have 1 player injured whereas we have 6. We
    always have players injured and its not cause we are unlucky

  22. I think of this as a battle we needed to lose to win the war. I couldn’t
    think of a better game to lose this season to focus on what’s more
    important, champions league and the premier league. Chelsea can keep their
    spot in COC, we will see them again in December and show them what we’re
    made of.

  23. The guy is going on like we just lost the CL final… Calm down we played a
    weakened side as it was only the COC. Jenko needs game time and we should
    have loaned him out to get him some playing time rather than chuck him in
    the deep end just like that

  24. Jenk is pure shit!

  25. we would out sing you with 500 at the bridge!!


  27. Chelsea have bad times now. It’s the time where the true fans stay, and the
    plastic fans leave. I will never leave Chelsea FC, you’re my only love!

  28. respect Chelsea from a Liverpool fan

  29. I looking forward 🙂 Two great game for us…from Fan of FC BASEL 🙂

  30. respect CHELSEA!! from S.S.LAZIO ultras!

  31. The terraces are becoming shit…I go to as many home games as I can and
    the Sparta Prague supporters sang their hearts out putting us to shame in
    our own ground. We need more real supporters in the ground and less
    champaign fucking charlies. CFC for life. . My blood runs Blue

  32. I am from germany,Dortmund. But i am big CFC Fan,…look forward to travel
    to London for seeing a game*.* Chelsea+Dortmund=<3 Respect for u guys:)

  33. Chelsea tills vi dör!

  34. I uploaded this in 2011 so before we got Champions of Europe 🙂

  35. Tough times? Are you fucking kidding? You don’t know what tough times are.

  36. come on chelsea

  37. Da Bombacious Buca

    Chelsea Chelsea

  38. Chelseaaaaaaaa


  40. Name All songs? thx:)

  41. To Jules ah 12th position Man U

  42. ‘lyrics would been nice dude

  43. To Jules PL, Where’s Fergie gone, no premier league for you this year mate.


  45. there should be another 1ohhh champions of Europe !

  46. scum 1-0 Chelsea. QPR are the parasite on West London. we are the pride,
    you’re just scum.

  47. who says we have shit fans? Chelsea have the best fans in England!!!

  48. I can’t wait to chant ‘Jose Mourinho’ against Hull!

  49. Chelsea fan from the caribbean.. Antigua to be exact

  50. Troubled times? Try being an Gooner for a day haha 😛

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