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Arsenal FC 0 Chelsea 2 – We Should Have Played Our Strongest Team – FanTalk –

Arsenal FC 0 Chelsea 2 – We Should Have Played Our Strongest Team STORE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: http://www.twitt…

Fuck off Chelsea FC, you ain’t got no history 5 european cups, and 18 leagues, that’s what we call history! Taken after going 1-0 up. This is my own video an…


  1. Play our strongest squad….are you stupid? when Liverpool man u and
    Dortmund are our next 3 games? hahah

  2. We should have a played a weaker team. Playing Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil and
    Giroud in this game was way too risky for my taste.

  3. I agree play to win or play the scrubs. None of this half ass crap. Kos or
    cazorla get hurt we are done.

  4. We Should Have Played Our Strongest Team says Fan. #Arsenal #AFCvCFC #COYG

  5. Chelsea fans were louder than Arsenal fans at the emirates stadium lolol.
    Get behind your team even if you are losing

  6. True, that it pains all of us to see Chelsea fans happy, but how good does
    it feel now to be five points clear at the top, and especially how funny
    that Chelsea’s top team couldn’t beat Newcastle this weekend! Maybe they’re
    better off playing their reserve team lol! COYG!

  7. Yeah, we really should have fielded a squad full of youngsters and reserves
    in this absolutely meaningless competition!

  8. Is this kid an idiot, we’re I’m Europe so we need to rest our players.

  9. awww u gonna cry?

  10. Tbh Chelsea park the bus what do you expect that’s all they are good at.

  11. No no no no no, why do people ALWAYS say this?! The reason we reached the
    semi finals and finals of the league cup in seasons gone by is because our
    kids were both accomplished and hungry to win, they were after a first team
    place. What incentive is there for them now? Go back to utilising the kids
    because they’d have been a much better option than the half-arsed lads that
    played the other night.

  12. Going out this early in the Carling Cup is quite possibly the best thing
    that could have happened to Arsenal. Now we can focus on the competitions
    that really matter, the league being the priority.

  13. I get you.

  14. I’m the person who is speaking, my point cane across wrong as I was saying
    playing Ramsey, jack, santi, koscienly and rosicky we might as well played
    giroud, we’ve got bigger games to play for as the points you have made,
    just Robbie asked ‘how do we beat chelsea’ so I said play the strongest 11.
    However it’s only league cup. COYG

  15. Would love to know your thoughts on this article? Arshavin criticises
    atmosphere in home games….

  16. ArsenalFanTV….

  17. i think it was more our squad selection was neither here nor there, should
    have been all kids/reserves or first team not in between. but league cup is
    shit so def kids to rest first 11 for pool/dortmund

  18. “can’t finish a sandwich” lol

  19. we should have played a weaker team if anything, we don’t have the depth
    until next transfer window. why play a team to win here when it would
    damage our chances of competing in bigger competitions, we’re still 3-4
    players short depth wise in def/fw position’s as seen by defeat to chelsea.
    why are ppl surprised by score when they have twice the number of quality
    of players, we have good first 11 but still need signings to have any
    chance of maintaining title challenge.

  20. Well at least we know this guy have no fucking clue what so ever.

  21. this guy needs a brain. we still got CL, FAcup and EPL to play for dumbass.
    capital one cup is a joke. if we would got injuries on ramsey, wilshere and
    özil he would be the first to say no squad depth or we should not play
    them. get a fucking brain.

  22. what on earth is wrong with his hair

  23. Jordan Butterworth

    Only me whos getting pissed off by that lad behind him twitching his nose?
    ratboy lol

  24. Eisfield was injured

  25. We should have played players like Eisfeld not Wilshere, Eisfeld did well
    in the previous game so I thought it was harsh to drop him. We don’t have a
    squad to challenge for 4 cups. I’d rather get knocked out of this now and
    have a better chance of winning something else, then go for this cup, get
    more injuries and win nothing.

  26. fuck off chelsea fc from germany!

  27. hardrockerofsoccer

    I sing this song in the shower every morning

  28. liverpool 4-1 chelsea!! F*CK OFF CHELSEA FC!



  31. Bayern fans still bitter 🙂

  32. Catchy:)


  34. Liverpool is so proud of their forefathers.

  35. @hardrockerofsoccer keep watching the history mate you’ve only probably
    seem them lift the cya,

  36. The pitiful spectacle of Liverpool supporters’ bitterness now extending to
    hating Chelsea FC, a football club at the other end of the country is
    something to behold. The irony of accusing the London club’s supporters of
    being gloryseekers whilst revealing their boneheaded conviction that a
    football club has “no history” because it’s team didn’t win as many
    trophies – the very definition of a gloryseekers’ mentality – many years
    ago, would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

  37. Come Reds! Broke Shitsea hearts!

  38. better than shitting around everybody with a huge pocket. no youth system,
    no pride on anything you shame of London… fuck you and your mercenaries

  39. TheExtremeFootball

    congratulations for winning the CL playing bus-football… disgusting

  40. we can play walk, bus, car, coach, plane, run, bike, whatever kind of
    football we like….all that matters is CHELSEA F.C ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS

  41. Best chant ever.. and i’m not even a Scouser. Shit club no history!

  42. Fuck off Fuck on Chealsy DNGT (do not good play)


  44. yer and liverpool have won it 5 times

  45. Scouse cunts

  46. hardrockerofsoccer

    5 European Cups, 18 leagues! As opposed to… 1 European and 4 leagues? LOL
    nice try scum

  47. @ihonamies And he’s been putting in his best performances for you too.

  48. You’re shit now

  49. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE do what the good man said, and keep quiet

    CINDERELLA… today u support this, tomorrow u support that the day after
    another that. plastic plastic barbies from fakeford bridge.

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