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Arsenal FC 2 Liverpool 0 – Giroud Loves This Team –

Arsenal FC 2 Liverpool 0 – Giroud Loves This Team – STORE: WEBSITE: TWITTER:…
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  1. I love this look of this chair. How much weight does it support?

  2. umm yea I LOVE these new videos you guys are putting up. and that chair is sweet. . .

  3. ArsenalStFabregassss

    There’s nothing wrong with these to guys….

  4. why is everyone hating on these people they didn’t even say anything wrong

  5. These guys are just annoying, wheres Moh?

  6. These guys are neither drunk or high, just excited about the Arsenal win

  7. wheres the economics guy?

  8. Where’s blondie and moh

  9. no offence but these guys piss me off

  10. Well chris is an utter dick

  11. beavis and butthead

  12. These are on crack the stupid pair of fucking gimps

  13. so your not a Tottenham or Liverpool fan… you must have no life. loool
    how the hell does a city fan find themselves trolling arsenalfantv

  14. They wouldn’t though because I dont look like that! Its called banter, you
    should try it sometime!

  15. seriously! would u like it if someone called you that?…

  16. Hardly!

  17. You are a disgusting bully

  18. and you are rude and pathetic

  19. they need to fix that fucking light on the “A”

  20. Jealousy is a terrible thing … Everyone is entitled to an opinion when u
    r being rude and plain NASTY keep it to yourselves

  21. Patrick Angus Franks

    Do you even watch football? I have been going ever since 1997, when Man
    City were shit. I have also got a season ticket and I go to as many away
    games as possible, even cup games as well.

  22. Patrick Angus Franks

    Soon as a top side like Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd come in for an offer,
    he’ll be off to them instead.

  23. Yo! relax its friendly batter nothing serious, yeah hopefully it will be a
    good game end to end football, but I think it will be a good test for both
    teams. There have been a few clubs that have gone to old Trafford and
    nicked a few results this season. So I guess will no for sure on sunday.

  24. I’m american and a teenager so if you wanna get me a ticket, that’d be

  25. Blah blah blah see the match on sunday! Im glad you are viewing vids on
    Arsenal Fan Tv. See you on sunday give an interview if your in Manchester
    at the game… typical united glory hunter probably be down in south side
    of England. …

  26. I’m on arsenal fan tv cause i can…do you think all the subscribers are
    arsenal fans, Im subscribed to full time devils and red men tv too…and
    the pundits can replay the video and use technology to analyze the players
    positions…at the moment arsenal is the best team in the league without a
    doubt, but i believe man utd can make a comeback…why? because I’m a a
    United fan, I’m not going to say we’re going to lose or arsenal will win
    the league.

  27. Hahahahahhaha

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