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Arsenal FC 2 Liverpool FC 0 – Match Review –

Arsenal FC 2 Liverpool FC 0 – Match Review STORE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: FAC…


  1. classic man city gloryhunter

  2. If i really could you wouldn’t like it

  3. Patrick Angus Franks

    Make me.

  4. why are you watching a arsenal fan show

  5. Ramsey is on form, but when it has been this long is it form? This is what he could be doing the rest of his career. The scoring might stop, but his all round play has been like this since March

  6. You look like Mario Gotze

  7. Agreed. 

  8. I still think we are papering over the cracks.

  9. if we get a draw or win against man u they’re probably gonna say that man u is shit this year and so on…

  10. yeah santi is just getting back to his best, lost the ball too easily sometimes but otherwise was great.. took his goal brilliantly

  11. Rosicky was better than Santi in my opinion.

  12. why are you here?…..i see you on every fuckin arsenal video

    get the fuck out already

    if you’re so sure Arsenal won’t win the title you should have nothing to worry about and just shut the fuck up…

  13. No mention of Arteta? He was immense…his driving run set up the pass to Sagna to cross to Cazorla. This from Sky Sports:

    “There will not be many better performances this season in a holding role. In the first half Arteta had more touches (67), competed in more duels (11), made more tackles (5) and completed more passes (57) than any other player. A pass success rate of 96.5 per cent is testimony to the fact his quality matches his competitiveness.”

  14. can loser fans like you fuck off from arsenal videos. your clearly a city fan and yet all you do is comment on videos involving arsenal. get a fucking life you sad cunt

  15. only team they might beat there is Man United

  16. then they’ll say Manchester United has been struggling and we would need to beat chelsea or man city to really have a chance at the title -_-

  17. I know, I’m surprised Shearer of all people are still saying we can’t win it considering he won it with Blackburn Rovers of all clubs in 1995. Our odds of winning it this year must be greater than the odds Blackburn had back then in 1995.

  18. Patrick Angus Franks

    Yeah I did subscribe to this channel because I enjoy the videos he posts. Commenting on videos is whole point of YouTube, and I’m not exactly being offensive in anyway (Insulting football teams don’t count btw). Yet again you feel the need to throw personal insults at me and try and bully me off this site, just because I have different views to you. Give me a break.

  19. PERFECT WEEKEND, 5 points clear of everyone. THE SPUDS DREW COYG

  20. Don’t worry sunday we’ll shut them up

  21. I never said you weren’t allowed and that it was against the rules!. I don’t understand why you keep saying things like that?! Like I said, the fact that you CHOOSE to subscribe AND spend more time commenting on Arsenal videos instead of your own clubs videos says a lot about you. It makes you look like a A1 loser because only someone with too much time on their hands as well as someone who feels the desperate need for attention would be likely to resort to that kind of loser behaviour.

  22. Do us a favour Arsenal, and beat the mancs next week, that will make up for you kicking our arse yesterday

  23. Patrick Angus Franks

    You talk like I’m insulting Arsenal, as if I’m insulting one of your family members, get over yourself. If you want to give Man City shit on their videos, do it, I don’t care at all. This channel is for Arsenal fans, but I see no rules saying other fans can comment on here, and why should I unsub because you tell me to? By the way opinions aren’t meant to be liked.

  24. How am I making a show of myself? This guy who claims to be a City supporter spends more time talking shit about Arsenal than he does talking about his own club. He even subscribes to our channel just for that reason alone. It’s people like that, that are making a show of themselves!. Let our own fans do the criticizing while you concentrate on your own club.

  25. this is arsenal channel not spuds!

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