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Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2-0 | HD Highlights 2009

Barcelona Vs Manchester United  2-0 | HD Highlights 2009

2009 UEFA Champions League Final | Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2-0 Eto’o and Messi.


  1. united will always be the greatest

  2. Messi, Eto’ and Henry as a front three, Xavi, Iniesta and Yaya Toure behind
    them, if only they’d kept them together for another season, but Henry lost
    his form with age, Eto’ left, and Toure was dropped in favour of Busquets
    (one of the few decisions Guardiola ever got wrong) The Barcelona 08/09
    team is possibly the best ever.

  3. as I know toure forced his way out and he had sergio busquets.

  4. TheBarcaFanOfHolland

    Yeah, you can tell they had a bad system after winning the Champions
    league, the competition, the cup and beating Real Madrid 6-2 at the

  5. Guardiola wanted to sell them because of his system :/

  6. henry lost his pace,roni was a distraction,the rest was pep stupidity

  7. TheBarcaFanOfHolland

    Barcelona please explain why you sold the following players: Eto’o Toure
    Yaya Sylvinho Henry Ronaldinho

  8. Take bloody mr alex muller!!!!

  9. barca is still good…before they were great.

  10. if he was still on Barca he would be 2nd all time in goals.

  11. LOL, didnt they just stomp on yall not long ago?

  12. one season when they have ever so slightly under achieved and apparently
    now they are bad?

  13. great hd graphics

  14. This is how every fucking football video should look like on YouTube.

  15. if this match comes nowdays united will thump barca

  16. Always, we win united

  17. They still got to the semifinals on the ucl… that’s far from being bad.

  18. Back when barca was good 🙁

  19. حضرتك تقدر تجيب الماتش كامل؟؟؟

  20. Man I miss Samuel Eto’o so fucking much. True Barca legend


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