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Can you say ‘Thiago Alcantara’? | Manchester United News in 90 Seconds! | DEVILS

In 90 seconds flat, Ian Smith & Sam Homewood take you through all of this weeks Manchester United news. Subscribe for free for more MUFC:…


  1. Lamela would be a good choice, he has real star quality.

    Draxler would also be a good signing. We need a good left-sided player, especially if Nani leaves, and I’d like to see Utd tap into the wealth of talent coming out of Germany at the moment.

  2. 0:25 – A total of seven appearances, most off the bench and those he did start were as part of an incohesive mish-mash of reserve/fringe players. And still he has two goals.

    I argue that there is not one single Man Utd fan who knows enough about Bebe to call him the worst signing ever or to beg for his exit. It’s almost become the fashionable thing to call him shit, exaggerate how poor he and his performances have been.

    Meanwhile.. Valencia produces performances like that every month.

  3. i agree but mostly because even though it would be great to see him back it seems a bit unlikely

  4. Great video guys!Keep the good work up !!

    Come check some of my videos for even more United news!

  5. Did that guy just refer to Thiago Alcantara as “Alacantra”? wow

  6. Do a swap with spurs rooney for bale

  7. And nani he is also shit

  8. Fuck rooney he is shit

  9. yeah the midfield and denfense needs the most work and hopefully we can keep rooney!

  10. screw Ronaldo

  11. Can United please get a proper #7? Valencia, (or Owen) is not a proper #7 to follow the likes of Bestie, Cantona, Becks, CR7. What are your thoughts? Who can be a proper #7 fer United? Thanks!

  12. Ok fair play, I’ll watch a few more and see what I think, there’s a shortage of proper quality football clip shows, except Copa 90

  13. Feedback appreciated – but Sam knows his stuff, is a good lad too. Doesn’t matter where he’s from given his passion for the team.

  14. Was gonna sub then I realised it was a southerner who just talked over the actual northern guy & didn’t seem to know much :/

  15. you have anderson ! LOL

  16. With competition like bale and hazard he will be lucky to make it into the top 100 best wingers

  17. @dparekh7 nani….WORLD CLASS??????? What the fuck are you on he warms your bench most of the time and he is shit .could be one of the best wingers in the world,with

  18. personally i don’t want some barcelona rejects at United. I preffer Strootman-much better player in my opinion

  19. Alcantara + Varela + Garay + Strootman + Zaha, it could be very cool 🙂

  20. I’m getting really worried that the Thiago deal is turning out to be like the Moura, Sneijder and Hazard situation. Please come Thiago! Nervous… :/

  21. If I was Ronaldo, I’d go back because I’d know that I’d be worshipped by hundreds of thousands of people! He’d also get out of Messi’s shadow and have a better chance at the Ballon D’or because he won’t constantly be compared to Messi! Sure the weather is worse in England, but the grass is also greener 🙂

  22. I do’t think we need another big-name striker, even if Rooney leaves. If he goes, (Only for a good enough fee £20-30 mil) Chicha can get the game time he deserves, Welbeck could even try and sort his finishing out and Henriquez could stay and get some time. In midfield i think we’d be fine with Strootman and maybe Alacantara. In defence we don’t need really need any new faces- give Vermijl and alike a chance!

  23. A 90 second update every week is a good idea, but I would change it a bit giving more info and less fluff

  24. We definitely don’t need any more strikers, unless Wazza leaves. Thiago Alcantara is a really good prospect, signing him would be a major boost to our midfield. Additionally, we need a defensive mid, like Strootman for example. Add a good left winger and we’re ready to defend the title. Bale is a dream of course, but you just never know in football.

  25. If nani goes it will be the worst mistake, how can u let a player go who has the potential to be the best winger in the world (except cr7) . Defo our best on form. My best 11 De gea, rafa rio vidic evra, carrick jones, nani giggs/Rooney welbeck, RVP in a 4-2-3-1 formation

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