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Champions League Final 2012 – Bayern München vs Chelsea FC [PES 2012 edit]

I’ve made the IRL CL Final in PES, like in the past few years. My goal was, to look similiar to the real match and I hope you will enjoy it. Facebook: http:/…
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  2. Norwich

  3. Creyatondahouse

    Destroyed by Championship clubs? 2-3 with Swansea, 1-2 with QPR, what about that, you big mouth? Keep the comments for youself brainless scummer.

  4. TOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTENHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mind the gap tiny totts your 5 points behind level on points with Newcastle, Norwich did a pretty good job at Shite Hart Lane demonstrating how Tottenham HotSperms are a small club who get destroyed by promoted Championship clubs LOL

  6. AsianAwesome69

    gooner for life bitches!

  7. loool i know, the guy made an ass out of us both

  8. AsianAwesome69

    LMFAO reading that convo almost made me piss myself. .

  9. Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hahaha

  10. Van Persie x Van Deer Vart, Lennon x Walcott, Bale x Arshawin. . . OMG!

  11. it says in the description you pussy faggot. . . ,Audiomachine – solace

  12. gooner4ever1989

    What an incredible change in the form and fortune of these North London Clubs!
    Come on Arsenal!

  13. Arsenals worst team in 15 years is ahead of spurs best team in 50 years, how can spurs fans thimk they are even close to arsenal, one season in the champions league and they think they are amazing. . . . . . oh yeah 5-2 haha

  14. Hi everyone, Plz help me with the name of the music

  15. High 5-2 all the Spurs fans out there!

  16. I’m an arsenal fan you retard. . .  way to make us look stupid.

  17. HAHAHAHAA well said, now that we are in 3rd place, all spuds have been peeled, mashed and fried! Our gunners will take 3rd, lock Champs League away and next year with our new recruits we will come back stronger and really fight for trophies!

  18. Are you hurting? Do Spuds always react as sore losers when they can’t compete with Arsenal? Isn’t this supposed to be Spurs best team ever? Arsenal supposedly are fielding their worst team ever and we still pummelled spuds 5-2! That’s after selling our 2 best players and you poofs keeping your best 2. What does that say about Arsenal? We are just light years ahead of Tottenham, and spuds are diving into the depths of Europa! Remember one thing spuds, FORM IS TEMPORARY, CLASS IS PERMANENT!

  19. Yeah who is ahead now!?!? It’s Arsenal over spuds yet again. Since 1994, and damn this is just getting boring again! Chelsea will get 4th this year and Spuds will simply implode like they always do every year. You struggled against Stoke at home, couldn’t beat Everton and in a couple of days Chelsea will teach you a lesson! Europa welcomes you with Liverpool and Newcastle so just focus on the losers league and leave the champions league to the REAL TEAMS to play!

  20. stupid yids! look who is ahead

  21. wilsheregotzehazard


    but yes, pray for muamba

  22. id 8-2 be a gunner
    go spurz!!!
    pray 4 muamba

  23. so now you guys like theo. the problem with arsenal fans is that they only like people who play well and score goals. i remember back when you guys were pleading with arsene wenger to sell him and buy some other guy. get your head out of your asses

  24. I can honestly say that of the last seven years, this has been the one that has engaged me the most. The backdrop of losing Fabregas and Nasri, the criticism of Arsene Wenger, the tumultuous results, van Persie’s heroics, Walcott’s trials, critical injuries, and a host of other happenings have turned this into a season that, despite not yielding any silverware, promises to be one to remember.

  25. keep calm and 5-2. keep faith and MIND THE GAP !!

  26. volfartrProductions

    Danke schön! 🙂

  27. Gut gemacht

  28. How did you get chelsea 🙂

  29. volfartrProductions

    Thanks! ;)

  30. Great vid! Sueperb…..

  31. alouuuu sou do brasil

  32. beautiful

  33. volfartrProductions

    Thanks! ;)

  34. very great Video.  (Respect)

  35. Anelka left in January of 2012… :3

  36. impecable recreacion

  37. You has “trolled” the bayern xd

  38. volfartrProductions

    Sorry, but no.

  39. AglantziotisJunior

    will you do one for this year’s final?

  40. volfartrProductions

    1. They are good. 2. He was still at Chelsea but didn’t played in that match, a lot ppl have pointed this out, but thanks. 3. I’m pretty sure, that it was Drogba, but if i’m wrong, pls give a link. 🙂 4-5. They are pretty hard to make it in that way, so…that was my best.

  41. Darren Nainggolan

    Here are some mistakes in the video: 1. The direction of the headers are wrong. 2. Nicolas Anelka is still at Chelsea. 3. The tackle is placed wrongly (Drogba). 4. Cech should actually get the ball in his hands after saving Robben’s penalty. 5. Schweinsteiger’s penalty DIDN’T hit the post, although it’s true that Cech did save it. Thanks

  42. volfartrProductions

    Patient is the key. 🙂
    And be as precise, as you can.

  43. Awwwww.

    It’s pretty rare to find this kind of video. Must be hard to scheduling the correct team as the real one. (Any tips?)

  44. volfartrProductions


  45. thanhvinhthuyen1987

    You’re very calm guy :D.

  46. volfartrProductions

    Well, for the first time, but i think i’ll miss this, cause the lack of time, sorry. 🙂

  47. Volfartr, please make this kind of video for UEFA Champions League 2013 FINAL and UEFA Europa League 2013 FINAL.

    Best video ever I’ve seen.

  48. Howe you to do it?))

  49. whatever floats yer boat mate

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