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Chelsea 1-1 FC Barcelona – Iniesta goal (2009.05.06.)

Chelsea 1-1 FC Barcelona – Iniesta goal (2009 UEFA Champions League Semifinal) 2009.05.06. London, Stamford Bridge, 38 286 spectator, referee: Tom Hennig Övr…


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  2. Man United fan complaining about refs? LOL Howard Webb

  3. 4 penalties chelsea. Then it would be firt game barca 1-0 and second game
    chelsea 4-1. He was talking about barca they were a disgrace chelsea
    deserved to win.

  4. No 2. Eto’o shouldn’t had his hand that high.

  5. В тот момент я разбудил своих соседей

  6. That goal made me swallow a half toothpick that fucked my life up thx

  7. Que golazo

  8. suck my dick you haters …. barca number one bitches

  9. Pinto is in football boots and Pep is in shoes 😛

  10. 2013 FCB 4 Champions League Chelsea 1 Champions League xd

  11. did not expect another shirt underneath

  12. 2013 and still crying ? 1 onlye clear penalty, linke in camp nou to henry.
    epic winners, with justice.

  13. “with justice” – Watch full highlist. Barca fans logic

  14. Pep 🙂 different clothes 😀

  15. LOLOLOLOL to all the butt hurt Chelsea fans

  16. yea i did the same and i had my best friend over…who was a Chelsea fan

  17. I remember (being in a different time zone) screaming my head off to this
    goal and waking the whole neighbourhood up.

  18. still a sick goal

  19. how can you be proud? it makes my blood boil. chelsea were robbed that day
    thanks to cheating barca dogs and the fucking fat ref. chelsea deserved to
    go through. this is the one match that proves bribing the ref exists in
    football – from a man utd fan

  20. Ovrebo = man of the match

  21. Angry Chelsea fan passing by…

  22. Abe UEFA e mafia. Platini e mafia. Tva e.

  23. One of the most amazing moments in football history.

  24. I still remember this game !! Miracle

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