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Chelsea FC – A Big Family – By Thomas Lundberg

A shortfilm about Chelsea fans around the world. Directed and edited by Thomas Lundberg For updates about my new projects and more, please check out my faceb…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Promo for the semi-finals between Barcelona and Chelsea. • Made by Cap3650Dk • YouTube – • Facebook -http://www.facebook.c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. CFC Family…

  2. Proud to be Blue fan…KTBFFH

  3. chelsea is like my family

  4. I love Chelsea because they never give up they have a team spirit and most
    important because its a family 🙂 KTBFFH <3 !!!

  5. awesome video ,KTBFFH


  7. I am so proud I am a Chelsea fan !We do stick together even in the bad
    times 🙂 Even if we are not together,through the support for the club we
    truly become a family and this is just amazing :)) KTBFFH and all the best
    to all chelsea fans around the world 🙂 and also thanks for the amazing
    video :))) great job

  8. thanks Thomas Lundberg! Thanks for this video! Chelsea FC is A BIG FAMILY!
    CFCVN <3 Chelsea

  9. Wonderful! same passion!!!

  10. blue blood family member from NYC………KTBFFH

  11. Check the video on my chanel! Look how a truly fan like me celebrated the
    champions League from Chelsea!

  12. why i love chelsea because of one man zola who really symbolizes what the
    club is today and even after he left i still love the club

  13. the Blues, the Blues EVERYWHERE YEAH

  14. I know i am quoting liverpool but no chelsea fan will ever walk alone

  15. Thanks Thomas! We love Chelsea!

  16. KTBFFH @CISCpekanbaru

  17. I Love Chelsea FC from Slowakia!

  18. AWESOME 🙂

  19. I love everything about Chelsea

  20. Tengo Mekhrishvili

    Chelsea Till i Die From Georgia :>

  21. Amazin’ …just amazin’ ! Blue is the colour ! Chelsea till i die !

  22. Chelsea <3

  23. Im proud to be a chelsea supporter!!

  24. Another great video from you. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  25. HAHA! Shit club. You want your Chelsea back, eh? The one with no money or
    what are we talking about here?

  26. haha barca is losser

  27. Zidane scored total of 96 goals in ALL of his football club history. He is
    claimed to be one of the best midfielders, now would you say Lampard is
    better than Zidane, just because of more goals??? I’m not saying Lampard is
    bad, Xavi is better than him or anything. It’s just some of those retards’
    way of thinking that makes me vomit.

  28. No chance for Chelsea

  29. My user name is ligabbvahighlight because I was going to upload only la
    liga highlight since all of the English soccer highlights I uploaded got
    blocked worldwide quickly. I only watch Barcelona and Real Madrid in la
    liga. I favour barcelona obviously. You can’t say shit because you know
    Barcelona is better. What perspective? Everyone in the world is saying
    Chelsea got lucky you dumbfuck. You’re a dick sucking Barclays fan that
    feels so good now that Chelsea won by luck and by playing 10-1-0.

  30. Barcelona are bunch of sissys playing
    football…sergio,sanchez,pedro,iniesta and some others are fcking cheat
    who rolls over all over the place at the slightest contact..they play good
    football but seriously they’re just bunch off sissy…

  31. Where is the Barca Fans?! 🙂 oohh i forgot, u lost today! 🙂

  32. Chelsea is The best ! Boo to Barcelona !

  33. chelsea win 1-0 full time score drogba 45 minute

  34. What is the song playing?

  35. go prepare ur Ref’s on Tuesday match 🙂

  36. THANK YOU very much!

  37. Stadiums make no difference if we did it at the bridge last Wednesday we
    can do it any where, i will never stop believing in you CHELSEA!

  38. dude there ws no other side of the coin in sf of 2009 get that straight

  39. Come on Bayern Munich now! I got a 10 pound bet on a 14-1 shot for Bayern
    and Chelsea to be the finalists!! Come on Bayern!

  40. having fun ha? everyone knows that final is the maximum chelsea can
    achieve… bayern will bit the shit of that london pussies…

  41. Xavi is rarely in position to score goals. That’s not what he’s there for.
    How about comparing assists????

  42. Mark Willott – Chess


  44. fuck all barca fuck overbo fuck platini

  45. Back in 2009 Chelsea were first in the Premier League. However, they have
    worsened over the years (now ranked 6th) and I believe Barça would destroy
    today’s Chelsea.

  46. What are you trying to insinuate? That he deliberately didn’t give them
    those alleged “five” penalties? Are you nuts? He gave Abidal a Red card
    unjustly when Drogba was tripping in his own balls, was that not a mistake?
    He admitted that he made a mistake after the match, but for the fans to
    actually go and threaten him to the state that he had to be smuggled,
    that’s just pushing it. Besides that, Barcelona had 2 penalties in the Home
    league that no one seems to remember now. Such hypocrisy.

  47. name of song plss :)))

  48. muhammad afzal azmi

    chelsea is the beast

  49. name of songgggggggggggggggggggggggg?????????????? 😛

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