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Chelsea FC – Champions of Europe that’s what we are at White Hart Lane! ;@)

Just had to put this one on YouTube as we stuff them again at The Lane!!! ;@) Tottenham 2 v 4 Chelsea (Sat 20th October 2012).


  1. You think Arsenal with their brittle squad and awful support is a more
    attractive option than Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid?

  2. StreetSelected Gooner

    …”FAR” From It !!!

  3. I take it you agree with my final point as you try and change the subject?

  4. StreetSelected Gooner

    …You “SHOULD” Go Full-Time Into Stand Up Comedy ! Maybe you Can
    “ENTERTAIN” your Fanz By telling them What Happened @ St. James’ Park Today
    ! That’ll “MAKE THEM LAUGH” !!!

  5. None of those players would consider joining Arsenal, they are all at
    bigger clubs with more chance of success. You can spend all you want but it
    won’t make a difference because no one considers your club a threat
    anymore, in the past decade you have evolved into one of Europe’s biggest
    selling clubs, nothing more.

  6. StreetSelected Gooner

    …Yeah, you’re Right, Bendtner And Sanogo Are A “JOKE” thatz Why We’re
    After “REAL” Strikerz In January Like Fernando Llorente And Marco Reus And
    Maybe Benzema ! Huh ????????And “ANGRY” For What ??? When The Arsenal Board
    Startz to Spend, We’ll Start “SPANKING” you Once Again Like the “GOOD OLD
    DAYZ”, HA HA HA !!! Itz Just A “SHAME” the Football Club Went Down Hill
    When We Lost David Dein, As He “NEVER” Got On With Ivan Gazidis And Stan
    Kroenke !!!

  7. I’m talking about today, your strikers are useless. Did you see that pass
    from Nicholas Bender when he was in the penalty box the other day?
    Hilarious. Drogba beat what was put in front of him, what might have
    happened several years before is irrelevant, don’t be angry because your
    past it club is incapable of keeping or replacing its best players.

  8. StreetSelected Gooner

    …Huh ? So Are you Saying Thierry Henry And Dennis Bergkamp Were “USELESS”
    Forwardz ? Drogba “NEVER” Had that “VA-VA-VOOM” ! The Guy Just Played
    Against Us In the “WRONG” Era ! If Drogba Played Against Us In the
    1989-2004 Era, He “WON’T” Of “STOOD A CHANCE” Against Arsenal @ their
    “BEST” ! Tony Adams And Martin Keown “WOULD’VE BOUNCED” Him to the Ground
    Like A “BRICK WALL” !!!

  9. No, because your useless forwards would put the ball safely into the arms
    of the opposition goalkeeper.

  10. StreetSelected Gooner

    …But If We Shoot More Often, Our Win Percentage “WOULD” Be “GREATER” !
    And Manchester United Were the “BETTER” Team than Us In the F.A. Cup Final
    2005, And We “WON” !!!

  11. By virtue of your pompous delusion that because you pass the ball sideways
    more than any other team you deserve to win every game. I am not sure I
    have ever heard an Arsenal fan admit they deserved to lose a game, there is
    always a conspiracy, always foul play, always an injustice.

  12. StreetSelected Gooner

    …In What Way ??? Do We Call Teamz “SHIT” Like you, Who Were Winning
    Trophiez Before your “HISTORYLESS” Era ???

  13. We’re not arrogant, Arsenal have the most conceited supporters in the

  14. StreetSelected Gooner

    …If you Guyz “WEREN’T SO ARROGANT”, I “COULDN’T” Care If It Was A “FLUKE”
    Or “NOT”, But your Team Is “HATED” By Every1, Coz you’re “STUCK UP” !!!

  15. Tell yourself it was fluke if you like, if it helps.

  16. StreetSelected Gooner

    …You Chat So Much “SHIZZLE” ! Your Championz League Victory Was “MORE
    FLUKE” than Mike Tyson Getting K.O. to James “Buster” Douglas ! And We’re
    Getting 2 Strikerz In January ! Yeah, I “DON’T” Mind the Europa League,
    “GOOD” Advice, Itz “STILL” A Trophy ! Well @ Least you’re 1 Of the Few
    Chelsea Fanz that Has Common Sense Still !

  17. Opens his wallet to buy a replacement for Ozil when he leaves in a year or
    two. Seriously, since the 2006 final (a game you were not unlucky in) you
    haven’t come close to winning it. Maybe you can do what we did last year
    and win the Europa League.

  18. StreetSelected Gooner

    …Yeah, 1 Day We’ll Get It Right ! You Chelsae “CLOWNZ” Will “DIE” Of A
    “CARDIAC ARREST” When Stan Kroenke Startz Opening His Wallet ! HA HA HA

  19. There is almost no chance of that happening! The only thing Arsenal have
    ever brought back from the Champions League is excuses.

  20. StreetSelected Gooner

    …You May Have Won It Before Us, But We’ll Win It “MORE” Timez than you !!!

  21. StreetSelected Gooner

    Lol, Well Said M8 !!!

  22. Lucinka Prokopová

    What song is at the beginning?

  23. Sat down at spurs away … Hardcore.

  24. Creative.

  25. Great video. Fuck Tottenham!

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