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Chelsea FC – Friday Night Live with Torres

Chelsea FC - Friday Night Live with Torres

Fernando Torres answers your tweets and emails on Friday Night Live.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. 18 so far. You said what?

  2. he’s HOT!

  3. Its sad what liverpool fans has against him, to me thats lack of knowlege, he is amzing and I’d call anyone who says the opposite pathetic.

  4. liverpool were the ones lying to him and he wanted cups and medals and liverpool wernt giving him any of that

  5. kocham jego akcent! <3

  6. if he gets more than 15 goals in the premier league next season, you’ll be my man of the season.

  7. Silver Bohus-Roper

    He’s so sexy. And an amazing football player.

  8. Signe M. Ivens de Carvalho

    Listen, everyone wants a career, and he was aiming for what would be the best for his career AND his family. Just back off, you don’t have to watch a Torres-video if you don’t like him!

  9. I am a Liverpool fan and when Torres came to Anfield he said he will not go to any other English club especially Chelsea and look where he’s gone

  10. u fucking dipshit..wats the point of making fun of him…he earns in a month wat u’ll fucking earn in 10 stop making fun of him cause the ppl give him the money thinks hes worthy of it..nobody gives a fuck as to wat u say

  11. yes we all know wat happened to bayern..

  12. lol Fail.

  13. fuck off

  14. hi torres im jake

  15. It is not full version of Friday Night Live with Fernando Torres!:(
    Please download full!:)

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  17. any1 notice they couldn’t fill up the intro with his goals

  18. She wants him

  19. COmpletely agree.

  20. why dont you all leave him alone. if your a true chelsea supporter then you support all of our players. everybody has a bad spell sometime. KTBFFH!!!

  21. you obviously dont watch chelsea tv this is the main intro for everyweek and they can’t change it for torres

    goal vs villa !! AMAZINGGG
    share it out !!

  23. Nando the best player in the World !

  24. Soon enough, his performance is rapidly improving. This is coming from a Gunners fan 😛

  25. What do you mean …!!

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