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Chelsea FC – Team news: Everton

Andre Villas-Boas shares his team news with the press ahead of the game against Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday.
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  1. Robben was class but injured alot and then would recover amazingly fast if holland happened to be playing we doubled are money on him but ur right he wasnt replaced wouldn’t mind seein torres play left instead of lazy malouda

  2. the problem at chelsea is lack of natural wingers. l always ask myself why ROBBEN was sold and who was his replacement . there is no delievery of balls up front

  3. lol this guy is a great manager.The problem with Chelsea is AGE!

  4. Sonos Makes it all Better

    How is this fella still in a job? The mighty Blues proved that money can’t buy success – or real history COYB

  5. Who need’s money ? COYB-efc

  6. the only reason that idont want him sacked b4 next season is because we need a manager to clear out the crap carlo should of done this after his first season but didnt have the bottle we were near enogh given the double he couldnt even make a substituition not that this guy can either.capello no way rather southgate than that joker

  7. if only drogba was 10 years younger

  8. Everton on a roll

  9. 1life1love1clubCFC

    If this guy is in charge next season were going to get relegated

  10. Ancelotti or Mourinho was good enough.


  12. U gonna win today or bust

  13. Torres fucks up when he gets in the box. He’s right in front of goal and misses! WTF!

  14. because torres is fucking shit, c’mon we gotta stop telling ourselves he’s good cause he just is not doing it what so ever, hes had over a year now too fit in, it just isn’t good enough

  15. IMO opinion ramires has tried to find Torres more than Mata. Yes his final passes hasn’t gone thru but he atleast is trying.

  16. AVB’s has lost my respect completely! Gibson is of immense talent, fack aafff 🙂 

  17. Joe Cole??? :S

  18. Chelsea Oghenetega

    Nice videos.

  19. Keep pressing 9 to see what AVB thinks of Bosingwa

  20. lukaku is a lefty so he would have missed terribly with his right. lol

  21. yeah malouda and sturridge give him great service!

  22. stop talking shit, it’s not JUST about service, he got plenty of service against united, he can’t score because he has no belief in himself. he doesn’t shoot. that’s got nothing to do with the players. i find it absolutely sickening when people blame torres’s misfortune on other players. that’s just a stupid excuse.

  23. Come back Mourinho!! Let AVB be the assistant manager again and then no doubt we will have a dominant team

  24. AVB needs to learn how to make a gud playing 11 n good substitute in a match. Torres is playing well just not getting goals even that his fault no one is ready to support him except mata. No one even celebrate a goal celebration with him except his spain mates. this is racism. play as a team not an individual.

  25. Stupid african fans no piazon isnt going to play and neither is bertrand

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