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Cooking with Montreal Impact defender Zarek Valentin

Zarek Valentin enjoys cooking for teammates, and he shares with us a recipe he learned from his Puerto Rican grandmother. Subscribe to our channel for more s…
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  1. Congratulations to Montreal Impact for signing Alessandro Nesta, one of the
    best defenders of all time!

  2. luis orlando reyes


  3. As long as he isnt injured while Rivas and Ferrari is injured. We’re dying
    at the back with the injuries right now and the last 4 games show it.

  4. Froot Loops!

  5. Looks can be deceiving.

  6. It’s not official yet but it highly seems like Nesta wants to join the club!

  7. I would eat that

  8. i know both of them

  9. Valentin is the woman of Wenger ah ah ^^

  10. He’s not even a DP = less than 350K salary, so it’s no that much risky

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