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Cristiano Ronaldo – All Best Skills & Dribbles Manchester United Part 1

Cristiano Ronaldo MU 2003-2009 This Is The First Part With His Best Skills !!! I Hope You Enjoy Like, Comment & Subsribe 😉 If You Want Other Videos Go To My…
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Wigan Athletic were the unlikely winners of the 2012-13 FA Cup. Follow their journey through the rounds to the Final as they prepare to take on the Premier L…


  1. what songs are these?

  2. the question is who did’t like this

  3. who the fuck liked this shit ?!!

  4. Definitivamente lo mejor de un jugador de futbol esta entre los 20 y 25 años, cuando ronaldo dejo el manchester, tambien dejo mucho alli. Hoy es un excelente jugador, en Manchester era de otro planeta. Ya ha perdido velocidad y habilitad. Ya le estan entrando los años.

  5. RIP english :x

  6. as the two songs are called?
    very good video

  7. Christiano Ronaldo

    WOW, i do look GOOD!

  8. Kristina Vareskic

    tooooooo long

  9. Ronaldo cristiano Ronaldo CR7 is cool

  10. first song plzzzz

  11. unbelievable, best player in the world when he played for united..but the idea united fans have in there heads is that he wouldn’t play for any other team in PL than united, now SAF has left i don’t think that’s the case, we still couldn’t hate him if he did it though purely because of what he achieved for us, single handedly won us leagues and cups season after season

  12. 2:02 Fucking no respect ! <3

  13. For sure Cristiano is gifted and fucking amazing. But you look at Zlatan, Neymar, Ronaldo they use both feet alwayssss. Not trying to take anything for Ronaldo because his left foot shot is powerfull and accurate, but just with dirbbling he may not be that confident with it or perhaps decides not to use it.

  14. Part 1 and whers Part 2 dude i cant find it :D

  15. He is one of the most gifted players in using both his right and left…. Don’t know what your trying to imply there!!!? If you mean he can’t use his left foot your talking bollocks… Messi doesn’t go dribbling with his right foot does he bellend.

  16. To United!

  17. Come Home Ronaldo!

  18. 2nd song please???

  19. CR7 best in the world!Love to win, Hate to lose!
    P.S. shitty video rly!

  20. I could count on one hand how many times he used his left leg for dribbles

  21. Cristiano Ronaldo sim,esse é o fenômeno. <3
    Te amo CR7 ♥

  22. Which is the second song?

  23. 0:55-1:00. And 2:01-2:07. Best dribble ever


  25. This could be Wigan’s best chance to beat United at Wembley…David Moyes hasn’t had the greatest pre-season with the Wayne Rooney situation, and the fact that he hasn’t made any signings; plus Wigan have already won 4-0 these season and the pressure is off them as everyone expects United to win

  26. One and only wigan athletic

  27. Epic

  28. Jokes

  29. It’s against Man City get it right

  30. Edgar Luis Gomez

    Sera un duro rival. 

  31. what soundtrack is this?

  32. いやっふーい

  33. Manures is vulnerable. No new signing and all they have is moyes. LOL COYW

  34. Went a bit overboard with the filters and effects cha

  35. Wigan will lose 4-0 against united easy

  36. Blizzardwizard111

    Still won though….

  37. jared snaith minogue


  38. Scraped past Bournemouth in 3rd round UP THE CHERRIES

  39. gave me goosebumps that final, I wish that Wigan wasn’t relegated :-/

  40. COME ON WIGAN!!!!!

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