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Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United (Documentary)

A documentary film about Cristiano Ronaldo and his times at Old Trafford. TAGS: Cristiano Ronaldo-The Super Star 2010 2011 HD new video skills goals CR7 free…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Manchester United's Phil Jones Interview - Talks About His Funny Face Twitter Craze

Manchester United’s Phil Jones Interview – Talks About His Funny Face Twitter Craze Don’t forget to like!!! Subscribe to see more videos:…


  1. and you are…

  2. Ronaldo is a faggot

  3. I can’t take American’s seriously when they talk about football…

  4. No, not possible, Definite. I remember this

  5. possible
    but i just asked why you know he wasnt pointing at his hair
    you know that you can also talk normally maybe you will learn if you go outside

  6. I just said dumbass, he got hit in the eye in a champions league game hence why he had a black eye

  7. Some might have done a decent job with him but we are good at getting the best out of players and the combination of our fitness team and Ronny’s hard work turned him into the unbelievable athlete that he is today.

    Forgot to say by the way, apologies for going so offensive with my first comments. I’d a had a drink or two! I definitely disagree with what you were saying but there wasn’t really any need for that.

  8. real madrid maybe not
    but every other club would have

  9. Are you literally retarded?

    He came through the youth at Sporting yes, but the Ronaldo that arrived at United & the Ronaldo that left are 2 completely different entities.

    One was a skinny little lad with great potential. The other was/is a powerful, beast of an athlete that was a result of our coaches and fitness teams work with him.

    Someone like Real Madrid would not have done the same work we did with an 18 year old Ronaldo. We made him what he is & think he himself would happily admit that

  10. if he went to an other club he would be the same
    because he was bought as a star for manu
    he was developed at sporting

  11. How? We developed Ronaldo perfectly, if he’d gone to somewhere like Real straight away I guarantee he wouldn’t have been the same player he is now.

    Your comment is the strange one, getting so angry about the development bit. It’s what we do best, turn good into great.

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  13. strange comment ????

  14. And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but you, my special little friend, are an absolutely massive fucktard.

  15. Also………you……are………a fucktard.

  16. You sir, are a fucktard.

  17. what a bullshit about his devolpment if he started at any other club he also would have gotten this big

  18. why would he be pointing at his eye

  19. 17:30 nah he was pointing to his bloody eye he got in the champions league

  20. Please come back home

  21. Ronaldo should go back to Man U, it would be a killer team. C. Ronaldo, V. Persie, and W. Rooney

  22. Ronaldo! Come home

  23. highly delusional

  24. I would have to disagree with the sentence ” Liverpool would have ruined him” as we are not talking about Chelsea or Man City where money does 3/4 of the work, where else Liverpool are known to produce great talent eg : Robbie Fowler, Steven Gerrard , Micheal Owen and so on. Tho i have to agree Manchester United are also known for their “training guidance”,but if Liverpool were to have C.Ronaldo who already has a star quality in him under the helm of Gerard Houllier we would have won the BPL.

  25. he definitely has potential… but i think switching on playing different positions (CB, RB/LB and CM) will only end up stinting his progress… he should be stuck to one position and hone his skills there. He’s nothing but a utility man; to be used when injuries and the sort require him to replace someone.

    Same goes with Welbeck…. he’s not a winger and has no place on the wing. It’s whether he is a #10 or a #9. right now he’s neither; thanks to the over-saturated attack at utd.

  26. I’m not comparing them directly, I’m just saying RVP is a better player, compared to other strikers, than Jones will ever be, compared to other centre-halfs…

  27. Proove it that you have met him dude.9>1 dude.Amen.

  28. All due respect man, but how do you intend to compare a forward with a centre-half?? I know it’s your ‘opinion’ but then, in my ‘opinion’, u’re a nutter!!

  29. I’m not hating, he won’t be the best player Man Utd have ever had, I would bet all my possessions on it… Plus, to call someone mentally retarded because they do not share the same opinion as you is just closed-minded and shows immaturity. I suggest you do not do it..

  30. Matias Martinsen

    Are you mentally retarded? Jones could be bigger than Terry , Rio Ferdinand , Bobby Moore , Brian Adams , Fabio Cannavaro etc. He’s in many opinion’s one of the best at United and just wait, He will shut the hater’s

  31. Matias Martinsen

    I’ve met him , his not a pig….guess more nice than you could imagen

  32. Pig of a person,man u/fa style.9>1.Amen.

  33. Arsenal fans always try and ruin the moment. being at a club for ten years makes you a better player FOR the club than a guy who came for a few seasons even if he scores 100 goals a season. does that answer your question?

  34. Holy Geordie accent lol

  35. when jones pulls face like that 2:48 he looks mentally challenged… LMAO… it looks like its outta his control poor thing haha

  36. Idk where you’re from, but 21 is a drinking age in most countries? xD And also, he could have a bigger impact, being at a club for 10 years IS a big impact, doesn’t make him a better player than RVP though?

  37. sodijgosdjgosdjgojsg

    phil jones>ronaldo+messi

  38. Yes, over the next ten to fifteen years if he stays at United he will have a bigger impact on the club than RVP will. RVP will most likely play another two or three seasons and then leave due to old age, JONES is still a kid not even drinking age yet, at 25 he could quite possibly be the best CB/RB?CDM in England.

  39. prestonblue mooner

    Uniteds best player hahahah a fuck off

  40. Firstly, the one in my picture, and secondly, I still don’t believe that he could be Man Utd’s best player, and I am a person that sees a tackle as a possible game changer, you gain possession, you score a goal, I give credit for that, but to say Utd’s best player is a bit tough..

  41. that face at 2:48 always makes me laugh

  42. Thats because most people only measure a persons performance by the goals he scores. In most sports, the batter or the striker is given more coverage than the bowler/defender. Its sad but in terms of versatility at such a young age, Phil Jones is beast. He went toe to toe with CR7 and kept him restrained. How many 21 year olds do you know that have the composure, focus and skill to do that?

  43. yer cause there’s a differnce

  44. 3:00 “Football’s a mans game” And there’s one of the least accurate things I’ve ever heard lol

  45. To even say that he COULD be United’s best player is, in my opinion, a massive insult to all world-class players that have ever played for United. Honestly, does anyone see him ever being a better player than RVP?

  46. You can’t hear words on a screen. Engage ones brain lol.

  47. he didnt say best team in the world he said best club open ones ears

  48. dfbgsdfgagxfsdvascew

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha jones hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha joneeeesssssssss

  49. Best club in the world.

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