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Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid vs Beckham & LA Galaxy – 8/2/2012 FULL MATCH

Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid vs Beckham & LA Galaxy - 8/2/2012 FULL MATCH

SPOILERS** ARSON, Calif. — Spanish champions Real Madrid kicked off a four-game US tour with a 5-1 romp of the LA Galaxy before a stadium soccer-record 30,…
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  1. Brendan Mansfield

    When did ronaldo come on?

  2. i want ronaldo to play slender

  3. FavreianVengeance

    I miss Becks. I was hoping he’d play the 2014 WC before retiring.

  4. FavreianVengeance

    Aye, Saunders. He was in perfect position to stop that second goal. He just doesn’t have the reflexes of the great ones.

  5. I love real madraid and cristiano rolanddo!!!!!!!

  6. 2 years a go real beat them 3 times this season

  7. No need to think…It’s really obvious Madrid is taking it easy on Galaxy lol…

  8. Craig Pennebaker

    what formation are they playing??

  9. XxShadowAssassin24xX

    thank you!

  10. it’s not funny because in the 1920s, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11-1

  11. its funny because barcelona beat them 5-0 😉

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  13. Or real madrid vs la galaxy or la galaxy vs barcrlona

  14. What match will be better raelmadrid vs at. Madrid ora real madrid vs barcelona or at. Madrid vs barcelona


  16. The LA defenders are so afraid lol

  17. Lol this is embarassing for American soccer

  18. Thata gay but beast hit me up

  19. 1:56 1-0 Higuain
    11:20 2-0 Di Maria
    22:15 2-1 David Lopez
    36:00 3-1 Jose Callejon
    48:50 4-1 Morata
    1:24:00 5-1 Jese

    Your Welcome.
    Side note: You just made America look bad at football. They already are bad and we all know it, but seriously 5-1.

  20. He is number 7

  21. Go Real Madrid

  22. Real madrid is the best team in the world

  23. and Sahin… :D

  24. MrAngrybirdsrulez

    What number was Ronaldo

  25. Beckham is retired hala madrid thnks beckham u always be my idol. Fans frm singapore

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