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Cristiano Ronaldo Top 40 Goals with Real Madrid HD

Cristiano Ronaldo Top 40 Goals with Real Madrid HD Ronaldo Amazing Player Amazing Goals Please Like & Subscribe For More ­čÖé Tags::real madrid vs barcelona 1-…
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Real Madrid's Tour 2013

Real Madrid 2013/14, with Carlo Ancelotti managing from the bench, will kick off its Tour 2013ÔÇöa series of seven friendlies in Europe and the United StatesÔÇöo…


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  6. nice´╗┐ goals

  7. Hala´╗┐ Madrid!!!!!!

  8. Nice video .. But it makes me sad .. If only he had scored yesterday´╗┐ were in the final now ­čÖü

  9. Eu assisto esse video varias vezes por dia´╗┐ kkk

  10. Ele´╗┐ joga de mais

  11. cr7´╗┐ the best forever!!!!

  12. Jedidiah Sunthang


  13. 27, 14 e 13´╗┐

  14. Todos contra o´╗┐ barcelona e o 22

  15. And´╗┐ 11 5 and 1

  16. 28 is´╗┐ badass

  17. Jedidiah Sunthang

    Anyone maybe say that C. Ronaldo is better than Messi or´╗┐ not better than Messi?

  18. The number of near-post finishes, the angles he scores from so often, those´╗┐ free kicks and long shots.. damn. His technique is backed up with some INCREDIBLE shot power!

  19. Yep´╗┐

  20. Cristiano is so beast he is ´╗┐ better than messi he deserves the golden ball



    The did visit Asia last year !! . But´╗┐ Asia would be more of a challenge . Jap league and Korea league is more superior than MLS !

  23. every real madrid fan should watch this video!
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  24. Why not visit Asia? Thats a open market waiting to be´╗┐ conquered.

  25. Hala´╗┐ Madrid !!!!!!!!!

  26. Hala Madrid´╗┐

  27. Heading to St. Louis´╗┐ for the first time already purchased my ticket

  28. And i’ve´╗┐ just got an excuse to visit St Louis for the first time

  29. and a little more lively narration wouldn’t hurt´╗┐ either, they put more emotion when Obama is on tour.

  30. See you´╗┐ guys in phx

  31. technologylover121

    The Real´╗┐ Madrid match against Olympic Lyon was actually in the 2010/11 season.

  32. if your reading this comment your parent will die within five years. To undo this curse, you can copy´╗┐ this comment on five videos good luc

  33. Cesar bances salda├▒a

    josete´╗┐ jodete puto fracelonista marikon me la sudas tu y tu puta familia

  34. It’s said Uventus, not Juventus.´╗┐

  35. woohoooo i’m going to watch rm vs olympique lyon this july! so excited to´╗┐ finally have a chance to see my idols playing. such a big dream comes true for someone from a small asian country like me ­čÖé

  36. Come to´╗┐ Chicago.

  37. it was an´╗┐ American football jersey

  38. ancelotti AND zidane!!´╗┐

  39. The only time Arbeloa will wear a´╗┐ #10 jersey …

  40. Sign Players!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  41. bale will make up for´╗┐ neymar

  42. Come´╗┐ to Dallas, Texas!

  43. Tom Gabriel Rondestvei

    So Real will play one game in england !!!?? Decent #Higuain #Arsenal´╗┐

  44. Shit. I live in sweden and my biggest dream is to see real madrid.. have no money to a ticket.. :/´╗┐

  45. Bale´╗┐

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