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Daniel Sturridge – Welcome to Liverpool FC | 2012/2013 | HD

This videos was previously a Transfer Targets video but now has been re-uploaded. Enjoy, Ed019 FB:…


  1. /watch?v=RL9KwMNJ_KE

  2. ClarkeForPresident

    Loyalty? Loyalty is something that you show, not say.


  4. song?

  5. Thanks for video

  6. YNWA Sturridge

  7. Best Chickenaround

    I know ur secret

  8. YNWA hopefully he will be good in FA cup

  9. torres sucks ass we need drogbaaaaa

  10. thats how to do it failnando Torres 0:07 

  11. cheers mate.

  12. Well dancing = scoring so personally, I hope he never stops dancing!!


  14. May I know what’s the song?

  15. he even beat reina, lets see what happens at melwood

  16. Stupid fans… Caring about dance moves… I wish he dances 30 times this season! 🙂

  17. i dont care if he dances, as long as he scores im behind him, YNWA lad

  18. Hope the lad leaves his dance moves at the Bridge

  19. Let the boy dance

  20. He can bring some goals with him but he can leave that dance behind

  21. Please check out my Sturridge welcome to Liverpool video, spent lots of time on it watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gSFU8i5eLEg

  22. StevenHawking IZZABEAST

    yes he can, I have a season ticket at chelsea and he is one of the best finishers I have seen tbh

  23. Don’t think this is a good signing for us, reds… Good vid, though!

  24. Good luck sturridge you will do better playing at liverpool, you will be one of there best players. good luck

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