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David De Gea Amazing Skill Manchester United vs Fulham

David De Gea Amazing Skill  Manchester United vs Fulham

“Amazing (Kanye West Song)” “Fulham (City/Town/Village)” League Football “Association Football (Sport)” “American Football (Sport)” “Kanye West (Rapper)” “SP…

A promo I made for Ananth 🙂 The BEST FOOTBALL COMP MAKER EVER! leave a comment 🙂 + tell me what you thought of vide…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Valdes couldnt do tht against di mariaxD

  2. Song ruined the whole video, maybe if the poster put in the commentary and
    crowd reaction it would make this video less retarded, no need for the shit
    song (man united fan btw) 

  3. TWAT

  4. what song is that? anyone know? 

  5. amazing skill ? lol negro please

  6. Better than messi :p

  7. amazing skill?

  8. It’s normal for Boban Bajkovic lol.

  9. is that all??.. >,

  10. Seach in youtube, Rogério Ceni, Skill 😉 Enjoy!

  11. Big deal

  12. You guys call this skill? You propably haven’t seen Boruc skill vs Arsenal
    couple days ago.

  13. Boruc brought me here , lol

  14. Music : Nifty Feat. U.L.A. – Sippin

  15. Boruc, that’s your Master :D.
    GG Man U :)

  16. if I may ask what the song’s title

  17. Is this considered amazing skill, I could do that when I was 6 yet it was
    risky as a goalkeeper

  18. like a Boruc :)

  19. song?

  20. risky as a keeper

  21. riscky

  22. Best Goalie

  23. Why does people like it! 

  24. Amazing skill? May be the biggest exaggeration on a YouTube title. Most
    primary school aged children can do that. The correct title is ‘Riskiest

  25. He got balls!

  26. one of the best finals in history

  27. Still awesome!

  28. suck my balls motherfucker stupid .l.

  29. barca the best united suck my dick

  30. @unleashedtrojan Barcelona 4ever fucker

  31. We’ll do Barcelona. Come on United! Believe.

  32. i love this video man ;D

  33. barcelona is better

  34. ronaldo the best messi second and rooney third MUFC

  35. gna have to make another one of these mate 🙂

  36. Great vid!

  37. @CR7OfficialBrand so what??

  38. Fuck barca

  39. very good trailer! but whats the song name?

  40. heel mooi filmpje ! wat is het liedje ?


  42. @BerbieFan I agree I would wacth it if this was the commercial.

  43. name of music??

  44. yeaaaaahhhh make another one for wembley 🙂

  45. sure fire repeat on may 28th. united have no chance

  46. music name please guys !!!!

  47. evidently man u are not better there history is boring and even the words
    “man u” just make me think GAY

  48. barcelona will win because they have messi david villa and perdo

  49. Song please ?

  50. I Miss This Day Amaizing Video !! Watch Mine For 2011 Final trailer 😀

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