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DAVID MOYES :First Manchester United press conference in full

David Moyes has vowed that Wayne Rooney will not be sold by Manchester United as he faced the media for the first time as the new boss at Old Trafford.


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  2. idiot

  3. i hope he does well
    he seems like a nice guy
    but nice guys finish last in this game
    u have to be a RUTHLESS CUNT
    thats why ferguson was the best

  4. Cant understand a word he is saying

  5. Rabbit and headlights spring to mind…and I am a United supporter…I hope for the best but having seen our pre season tour I fear the worst…Moyes can’t motivate a hungry monkey to eat a banana

  6. #InMoyesWeTrust MUFC

  7. Robert Lewandowski


  8. haha. you’re a fuckin wanker.

  9. out by new year sir alex back

  10. Good luck moyes! greetings from a chelsea fan…

  11. vidic ice-man

  12. last

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