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Diego Lopez Best saves vs Manchester United 2013

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  1. Most of his saves is easy simply because the ball is towards him

  2. He obviously didn’t do this against barca

  3. lol no they didn’t.

  4. He is just to much better than the stupid iker…

  5. Man utd dominated Real Madrid this day… The best team lost

  6. Casillas is the best but eight

  7. Great goalkeeping…but punched vidic in the face :/

  8. he did his job really good

  9. Nothing really amazing about the saves, except the 1 on 1 with RVP. Most of
    the shots were straight at him, while he fumbled a cross by punching vidic,
    and also fumbled a rvp shot straight at him

  10. at this time casillas was fucking injured

  11. well jump off casillas sack hes a good player yea but he doesnt give a shit
    about u or wat u think of him and fuck u i could talk to u however i want u
    fuken nazi police


  13. that’s right bitch, you know I’m right that’s why i shut your ass up :/
    hope you learned your lesson you racist little fuck

  14. Are you seriuosly fucking retarted I wasnt being racist at all go have a
    threeway butsex party with jose mourinho and diego lopez

  15. Who the fuck disliked this? Casillas and Sara Carbonero?

  16. wasnt being racist? you just called me a dirty Mexican, you are racist
    dumbass you piece of shit, your comebacks are shit too, threeway butsex
    party? haha you’re such a fucking little pussy xD go back to doing your
    homework you little 10 year old

  17. PocoGoalie1 is probably the biggest Casillas fangirl in history, such a
    little ignorant piece of shit who clearly wants attention

  18. yes i did i hate diego lopez’s guts he needs to get his ugly ass and get
    out of madrid and let iker casillas play again

  19. Go into your ass and eat some of the sperm left over from your stepmother’s
    birthday sex you dirty mexican transvestite you talk shit to me one more
    time ill fucking kill you, you fucking cunt

  20. Diego Lopez> Cassillas Anyone who thinks different, knows nothing about
    football. Look at all those morons saying that cassilias is better, like
    you know better than Mourinho!

  21. is this Dannish Commentary?

  22. Diego > Casillas

  23. he saved 50% of your asses, another 50 saved referee 😀

  24. you have no right to comment me back now, i already embarrassed you, just
    be happy nobody reported you to the police for being a retard

  25. If Lopez is this good then how good is Iker ?? Great GK but i fucking hate
    him:p he didn’t let us score -.-

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  33. You are epic

  34. you say “GUYS” so much bro haha, love the videos.

  35. make fabio your first team LB or BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The regens come in the same league!

  37. if u need a LB get Alaba from Bayern Munich

  38. can you try to score with rvp a little more??

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