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Do We Have The Next Ronaldo? | Manchester United Youth Special | DEVILS

We’ve had lots of requests in the DEVILS inbox over the last month to do a video on Manchester United’s youth prospects – so here it is! Subscribe, free for …


  1. Andrew were you on russell howards good news

  2. I really like Alexander Buttner

  3. done bro, united already tie up contract of janujaz for alongterm deal, app 5 season if im nt wrong

  4. i just hope united can tie down januzaj to a long term deal, iv not seen a player of his ability as his age since cristiano ronaldo, please united dont fuck this up like you did with pogba.

  5. Yeah watched in last night – right place right time a lot like a young Scholes

  6. Check out lingards debut for Birmingham , absolute class !!!

  7. and albanian. So he is perfect ^^

  8. It’s a pity Young and Valencia stepped up their game against Palace and Bayer. Januzaj should def get a few cameo runs here and there. We just need to ease him into the type and protect from the press bc

  9. I wonder if the negotiation skills for United will succeed on the next transfer deadline date?

  10. To be fair though, the real master mind behind goals is Rooney. When Rooney does not play, United perform rather poorly. So, if he were to be injured, then United would really lose.

  11. its over…moyes…comes in sacks a super coaching team brings in his own from everton, benches kagawa, and after a woeful transfer summer blames a super scouting team and brings in his own. A second rate coaching team that has achieved nothing surrounding this man who does not seem to believe he should be humble and learn first…its ove2r. What he has done so far seems arrogant to me, and this type of pride always comes b4 a fall. I increasingly doubt he can develop zaha and januzaj

  12. I feel in the future Nick Powell can replace Rooney!

  13. same here, I dont know the fully storey but he was a monster for us, he looked head and shoulders above the competition at that level

  14. Adnan will be the player we build the team around given the chance

  15. I would rather have Linguard and Januzaj play regular this season then try and struggle to challenge with the current team.

    Linguard is not week by any means, I watch every youth game & reserve games both live and MUTV and I cant recall him being overpowered by anyone without the other player being booked for a foul.

    Dont be deceived he has the sinewy wiry speed and strength that certain players have and an abundance of attacking skills.

  16. januzaj is class

  17. Lingard is NOT our new Ronaldo! He is 20 years old (soon 21) And still dont have any competetive games for United! and he is now on a loan he is not that good to be a new Ronaldo but he is good!

  18. i think those 2 extra mins even out the fact that man city spends insane amounts of cash on players

  19. I think zaha is perfect

  20. He is a great player but I don’t think he has the attitude.

  21. Dimitri Mitchel is in the year above me at school and I’m in Larnell Cole’s sisters maths class:)

  22. Januzaj is a potential world beater,

  23. Jesse is good , but I think Adnan is the big deal

  24. yep…

  25. You clearly need to look at stats. In 2011/12 season, Rooney scored 27 goals whereas Van Persie scored 30. However, in the 2012/13 season, Van Persie scored 26 goals, less than Rooney the previous season. And in that season, Arsenal had more of a fair share of goals, with Giroud, Walcott, Cazorla and Podolski all scoring over 10.

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