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FC Barcelona – Barça Legends: Bakero

All details of the goals of the Basque Player Suscríbete en nuestro canal de YouTube:… Twitter:…
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  1. use shazam bitch

  2. Great player, shitty coach

  3. can someone list out the songs?

  4. Carlos Rodriguez Cirre

    One of my favourite players of the Dream Team. The fury!!

  5. thanks a lot 

  6. You got it on the bottom left corner at the start of each one of them

  7. @Bakero is true that in your own time i dont watch you but your Legend indeed

  8. Header king !

  9. you know the name of these songs?

  10. Did anybody else see Pep Guardiola @7:21 ?

  11. Las canciones que se ponen son una mierda pero excelente video sobre un grandisimo jugador, gracias por subirlo.

  12. لاعيب يستحق الاحترام

  13. Bakero, el Iniesta de los ’90

  14. Carlos vilaseco garazo

    bakero de los mejores de la historia del barca me acuerdo de kaiserlautern

  15. PEP GUARDIOLA celebrating from the bench >>> 07:21 – 07:24

  16. great music selection!…….

  17. bakero grande entre los grandes

  18. Didn’t have the chance to watch him play, thanks for the great video
    And my god his header is good, especially considering his height

  19. Barça Legends - RONALDINHO….Please.

  20. the next video is about Lionel Messi

  21. 25:09 Mourinho . even though i fucking hate him but hi is smart

  22. Bakero el capita was one of the greatest midfiled ever in Barca i like his Madeira missile Shoots

  23. juan antonio Castellano

    Que grandes recurdos

  24. ايوب الرجاء


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