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FC Barcelona – Barça moments (II)

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Durant la roda de premsa el jugador de Terrassa ha parlat del seu estat físic i també ha valorat Thiago Alcántara.


  1. I love Barcelona so much

  2. Luis Angel Flores Gutierrez

    Lo que los diferencia de los demas es que son en realidad un equipo!!! y como tal entre todos tienen que darse animos … son los mejores dle mundo fuerza para todos!!! momentos dificiles tenemos todos superar esos momentos es lo que hace a uno el mejorr de todos .. arriba fuerza barcelona!!!

  3. 0:18

  4. Thank You 🙂

  5. Yep, he just came for one holiday, and tito let him train with his old friends 🙂

  6. The Vaccines- We’re happening ;)

  7. Do you know this song?

  8. yea baby, Barca is happening.
    Mes Que Un Club m/

  9. Tito <3  Visca el Barca Visca Catalunya !! Barca, Barca,Baaarcccaaa !! 🙂

  10. Keita ?

  11. Keita joined Barcelona on trainings during the winter break in China

  12. Keita joined Barcelona on trainings during the winter break in China.

  13. Did i hear swearing in the song ? 0:36

  14. Abidal♥

  15. the Chinese league is over…
    he came to train and prepare for the African cup of nations….
    in Barcelona with his former club.

  16. Alejandro Zuleta Portillo


  17. The Vaccines – We’re Happening

  18. Tymek Mazurkiewicz

    Is that The Vaccines song? It sounds like The Vaccines. 😀

  19. He was in barcelona ans asked tito if he could train with them, he said yes!

  20. what is seydou keita doing here????????

  21. First

  22. hot??…he is the best player for me,but..yo nkow

  23. @thyax95 you are ignorant

  24. R u stupid ur mom must of dropped u when u were little wtf he is the best midfield player in the world dumbass


  26. al principio en catalán y después en castellano en 0:54

  27. at first he spoke Catala and then later he answered in Castellano (Spanish). I think he answers in the language he is being asked at.

  28. i love xavi!! i wanna marry him…

  29. is he speaks catalan or spanish? I think he speaks spanish!!
    but ya really why not barca tv don’t use subtitle for all fans in the world


  31. I don’t speak catalan, but I understand him. And he also spoke spanish… I believe they should put subtitles, but Xavi is speaking on his language(s). And he has that right.

  32. Xavi, el millor 😉

  33. xavi really know how to talk without insulting anyone, but why the fuck does he speaks catalan in the united states?????

  34. hahahaha

  35. El Barça es de Catalunya. Si vols entendre aixo de veritat, has de aprendre Català.

  36. why dont u learn catalan?

  37. Bf… Xavi, es el millor. Millor persona que jugador:’)

  38. cuando habla en catalan habla de sus lesiones en los tendones de aquiles y en los gemelos.. tambien habla de tiago y del partido contra el bayern

  39. Pues tan facil, tan facil de entender el catalan no. Nadamas le entendi unas palabras y todavia no le entiendo todo aunque lei las traducciones en espanol.

  40. Exactly. I don’t understand everything in Catalan, but Xavi speaks so slowly and clearly that it’s not difficult. That’s the thing that drives me nuts when people complain about Catalan.

  41. . As Pep said, it’s our strong point and the more players the better. The higher the level of players on the team the better; therefore, a footballer like Thiago is totally compatible with Cesc…clearly because both of them are great footballers. I think that the comparison of one player with another doesn’t make sense. They’re both great players, thus there’s room for both of them.

  42. Yes, I’ve already said that makes no sense to compare footballer like Thiago with another one, who is Cesc. I’ve suffered a lot from comparisons in Barça and they’re no good. Everyone has their place in Barça, even more so with all the games, the demanding schedule, uh with the possible injuries that can happen during the year, sanctions…the season is long so there are games for everyone. We need a lot of footballers, especially in the middle of the field

  43. THUMPS UP if you speak spanish and even though you don’t speak catalan you understood evereything xavi said

  44. QUE>? no entendiste? yo tampoco soy catalan y entendi casi todo lo que dijo xavi…hablo de su lecion y de thiago de como va a tener mas minutos y como ha demostrado mucho ya desde el anio pasado……seguro que no entiendes? se parece al frances un poco y al espanol…talves por que entiendo frances entiendo catalan ……

  45. The best team in the world was in DC, 30mins away from where i live, and i wasnt there to c them 🙁

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