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FC Barcelona – El Clásico 5 Wins In A Row 2008-2010 ||HD||

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  1. The thing about Ronaldinho is that with all that amazing skill, he blends it with intelligence and an end product. He is the greatest player I have seen in my 3 plus decades on this earth and this includes Maradona.

  2. yeah you are right

    we wanna freestyler

  3. aabrakadabra by refree @ 0:40 :D
    xD xD xD

  4. I like enjoying the video without this video’s music.

  5. Ronaldinho beast better thn every one

  6. song????

  7. nao érre so uma vez
    érre 10



  8. @dominoes911
    what have you been smoking ronaldo doesnt compare to ronaldinho

  9. you say ronaldo. I say ronaldo
    you say messi. I say ronaldinho

  10. 0:57 lmao he is luaghing wen they fouled him jeje

  11. GO BACK TO MILAN !!!!

  12. Ronaldinho ist prima und Ronaldo ist furchtbar. Lol just practicing some German.

  13. dude it was a magic trick or he just ripped off a part of his shirt 😛

  14. u crazy!!

  15. Ronaldinho + CR + Messi + Zidane + Xavi + Iniesta = Ronaldo.

  16. CampionatoHighlights

    INCREDIBILE!!! /watch?v=GSUtuB9rG2U
    INCREDIBLE!!!!  /watch?v=GSUtuB9rG2U
    INCREIBLE!!!!!!! /watch?v=GSUtuB9rG2U
    UNGLAUBLICH /watch?v=GSUtuB9rG2U

  17. SONG?

  18. Ronaldinho(father)-messi and ronaldo(sons)

  19. unchartedterritory

    this guy brings happiness in his face when he’s playing.  it’s fantastic.

  20. Tear drop :. (

  21. He is simply best player to ever live not just because of his amazing skill but also becuase he’s always smiling even when he’s gets a hard tackle on him which shows how passionate he is to the sport as he’s just having fun not like other players like gattuso who goes on riots when he gets a bad tackle on him haha

  22. fantastic skill. . . . .

  23. song?

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  25. Ronaldinho was and still is in his own world. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  26. la manitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa toma putaaaa

  27. Great time!

  28. Amo demais o Fc Barcelona . Quem ama o Barça não tem palavras para explicar aqui como é bom amar essa família perdendo , ganhando , empatando continuamos sendo
    La Gent Blaugrana . Visca El Barça .

  29. You don’t know how much I love Barcelona.

  30. I totally agree!

  31. Mega wspomnienia!c: 

  32. I got freezings ! thinking about how good they were before

  33. If you like Fc Barcelona, PSG or Olympique Lyonnais, go on my channel

  34. is that the music captainsparklez used in one of his songs?

  35. this video made me cry cause i fucking love barcelona

    Win draw or lose VISCA EL BARCA <3

  36. + this is not hisory. Every season we are playing witg RM, results don’t have to be 5:0 or 2:6, but they are outplayed often. Only 2 games when they were better was 1:2(last year) and 1:3 so lets raise and beat our opponents

  37. We will raise like a Phoenix in next 3 weks. I believe in our team

  38. cual es la cancion

  39. we love you Lebo Akatio

  40. What is the Music?

  41. Love barca but sad for casillas 🙂

  42. I agree with jonathan id love the music mix in my library when i workout to play soccer!

  43. I miss Eto 🙁

  44. Thanks man !

  45. The only man who can beat Real Madrid 5 times in a row is Guardiola

  46. @Hevooset RY jajajajaja fucking hilarious

  47. Guardiola Era: La Liga —-> 21:6 Agg. 6W-1T-1L
    Guardiola Era: Copa Del Rey —-> 4:4 Agg. 1W-1T-1L
    Guardiola Era: Champions League —-> 3:1 Agg. 1W-1T-0L
    Guardiola Era: Supercup —-> 9:8 Agg. 2W-1T-1L
    Guardiola Era: Overall —-> 37::19 Agg. 10W-4T-3L
    Don’t Even Get Me Started On Messi !

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