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FC Barcelona – El primer equipo, con Qatar Airways

The players are the stars of an advertisement made by Club sponsor Turkish Airlines and released on the same day as the match against Real Madrid. The advert…
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  1. Fuck

  2. what the fuck? pensé que esto era simplemente fútbol , pero me cagaste Don Claro ! aunque no me quedó tan claro !…

  3. tienes razón !!!!!

  4. Los de terno me llegan !!!!!

  5. Joooooo que priti ojala tuviera en el barselona

  6. محمد فؤاد

    البرسا الاول في العالم وفي قلبي

  7. Calla analfabeto.

  8. vas a tener que pedirle a tu médico que te baje la dosis de lo que estás tomando. Lo digo por tu salud. Suerte¡

  9. Que dani alves lla no es amigo de messi o Que?? 🙁

  10. El Fútbol Club Barcelona es un instrumento político bastardo, una forma desnaturalizada, absurda y grotesca de utilizar el deporte para promover un delirio político. La corrupta alcurnia política catalana utiliza emociones populares para alentar e inculcar a un vasallaje cada vez menos dueño de sus propios pensamientos y más instrumento de la progenie política catalana. El destino de sus intenciones no es el enaltecimiento del deporte sino proseguir su destino de corrupción, vileza e impunidad.

  11. Messi is awsome

  12. Bonito peinado el colega de Qatar. Forzando la ensaimada ajajajaj

  13. Amén o/, ojalá y así sea :)

  14. (y)

  15. Valdes has avoided to greet Rossel did you see it ?

  16. BRCE

  17. awwww he seems so happy

  18. So true Barcelona is allbout the silverware, wen madrid actually wins something like a copa del rey they drop is under the bus, Lmao you tell there not used to winning. ..

  19. Barca is so bad all they do is win trophies right Madrid fans

  20. Eso precisamente pensé cuando vi el video XD jaajaja

  21. 0:42 toma asqueroso pedrerol .. decir que puyi y xavi “no se toleran”

  22. ملإمح جـَررح

    0:41 Valdes did not shake hands with Russell .. hhhhhhhh

  23. Fly Emirates Real madrid commercial Coming soon.

  24. BARCA SUCKS!!!!!!!

  25. Barcelone best FC in the world..Greetings from Turkey

  26. Turkish Airlines fired 300 people just because they went on a one day strike. Does this suit Catalan spirit?

  27. some advert

  28. Stupid Ibra, always fighting on the pitch and now kicking a woman with a ball.

  29. good luck madrid.,.,

    i hate barca



  32. @Xxkingrx68 i do not appreciate what u say about barca they r the best ok???

  33. We are Turkish Airlines…
    When you like also the Song: THUMBS UP!

  34. One of the best airlines in the world.

  35. nice.. türkish airlines the best xD

  36. Nice commercial.

  37. This air hostesses are so lucky to have Barca guys on board!!!!!!

  38. wot do u mean by turks are turks its not their fault its up to the air space controllers. they are the best airline in southern europe and for FC barca to have them and man u they are doing very well for themselves and turkish airlines economy class is the best in europe so learn some class you pay for what you get.

  39. We like the Israeli government not to wage war against the defenseless state. Israel, the Palestinian state is committing genocide. Where is the democracy you talk about? Where freedom of thought?

  40. yeahyeah80 this statement I do for you.

    We are always for the Turkish people and the nation, we are in favor of a democratic life and justice. Once you’ve bizbir Airlines flew to Diyarbakir and Mardin to go to the airport when he landed. This will be an emergency occurs, is a flight control mechanism.

  41. Your words describe your personality.

  42. Ermenistani sikeyim

  43. lol why are you watching it on youtube? i dont understand.

    we are turkish airlines, we are turkish airlines: lol

  44. BARCA Kick inter’s ass on the 2nd leg

  45. when manchester united was champions nobary made a publicity about them or other any team

  46. We flew with Turkish airlines once. Our destination was Mardin, instead we landed in Diyarbakir. In a city 1,5 hour (with car) away from the real destination. It really, really pissed me off. But what to do? Turks are turks, and we didnt even get any compensation for it, despite that we reported it to the company when we were back home. I mean, how tha f*ck can you change destination just like that, in the air? I mean.. F*ckkkk

  47. Go Barça!!!

  48. This advert pisses me of so much in work… It is on CNBC every 5 mins!!! And after a 9 hour shift you have it in your head!

  49. Pasquale Pellegrino

    W BARCA. But now, only INTER, only ITALY !!!!!!!

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