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FC Barcelona – Els jugadors del Barça, amb els dofins

Cinc jugadors del FC Barcelona han participat, al Miami Seaquarium, en una activitat aquàtica amb dofins, en una jornada de distensió i bon ambient.


  1. im not mad + I rather smoke

  2. look at yours you stupid ho.. “more dicks to suck at real madrid” way to go dumb ass. I had all the right of the world to react the same way. conclusion: you should go back to school, not me cause you started. damn retard..

  3. totally agree!! and Xavi always looks cute 😉 <3 Barcaaaa

  4. robertsamuel1994

    because barca has no dicks? lol barca players are girls.

  5. 1:23 messi hahaha jk visca el barca e visca cataluna

  6. Hahaha!!! <3 Son tan liindos! Parecen un campamento... Hehe

  7. haha so true XD

  8. :)

  9. barca has more players that dive-> FACT

  10. … :D <3

  11. Well this is adorable! Xavi looks sooo cute hehe and well all barca haters… Go to hell… Visca barca 🙂

  12. idiots should have visited a goat farm instead to train for the beating they received by the mexicans

  13. 1:56 you know Villa’s good with the ladies

  14. Best comment i saw in months.

  15. Pique isnt here because he would scare the dolphins away… Viva Barca!

  16. Awesome mannn!!

  17. Sergio Busquets teaching dolphins how to dive the right way.

  18. Messi is still on vacation…

  19. can any1 tell me if messi is off the barcelonas team??!

  20. this is so cool!! i live in miami 🙂

  21. 1:22 Valdez has a weird boner

  22. Well after Barca recent performance, the players there dove with dolphins too.

  23. yeah really. They talk like barcelona players always dive and RM never dives…

    as if

  24. I’m npt a RM fan. It’s the truth, Barça are a disgrace.

  25. Barca is going to recruit some new players I see

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