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FC Barcelona – Kobe Bryant: “It’s fantastic to wear the Barça shirt”

FC Barcelona - Kobe Bryant:

Kobe Bryant said that it’s fantastic to wear the Barça shirt. It wasn’t the first time that he had worn it but it feels great.
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  1. … but he’s Milan fan ?

  2. Kobe is the best but the best club is FC bayern

  3. I love the fact that my favorite player is wearing the jersey of my favorite soccer team! <3

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  5. Madrid All Day!

  6. Alexander Klemming

    im dissapointed at kobey.. he like barcelona, i fakcing hate barcelona!
    I hala Madrid!

  7. be quiet nigga you dont know shit

  8. messi and kobe they didn’t meet that day cuz messi he hate celebration or celebrate meeting kobe he mate other barca player 

  9. it’s really hard not to love BCN tho…especially playing volleyball on the beach for hours?! Jeez….I practice catalan more now b.c of it! #elborn

  10. even l.a legend knows who is FCBARCELONA ,FUCKING HAHA MADRID

  11. On the pitch? He would look like a giant.

  12. vanessa must be a man


  14. Its nice to see that both Lebron James and Kobe Bryant loves FC Barcelona

  15. no. kobe has talked about liking barcelona way before he was in a turkish airlines commercial. one of his lakers teammates played for fc barcelona basketball team. people are just so paranoid sometimes, why cant kobe just happen to like a team? do you really think it’s a shadowy figure always about every single thing ever?

  16. do you think a person can only like one team at a time? plenty of people who dont live in europe support different teams in different countries. kobe probably cheers for both.

  17. A couple year ago Jimmy Kimmel asked Kobe who his favorite athlete in the world was, Kobe replied “Ronaldinho.”  That moment I liked Kobe even more.

  18. Cheikh Malainine Chbih

    pussy barca

    u punk ass

  19. Cheikh Malainine Chbih

    hala madrid bitches

  20. M. Hanggara Abirawa Zain

    haha i like it

  21. wonder how messi would look standing beside kobe lol

  22. well they play pretty agressivly once the lose the ball.

  23. THE PLAY HARD!!!!

  24. it´s fantastic to wear the barca shit????

  25. because petroleum is in arabia.. but theres also petroleum in Cyprus and Greek seas that belongs TO EUROPE.. and we don’t get it for free.. we pay arabs. don’t be a dick

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