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FC BARCELONA -Motivational Video-We Got Ourselves A Game

FC BARCELONA -Motivational Video-We Got Ourselves A Game

FC BARCELONA -Motivational Video-We Got Ourselves A Game barcelona fc milan ac champions league 2 – 0 motivation faith.

Watch the ten penalties saved by Víctor Valdés. Do you remember them all? He made his first penalty save in the 2003/04 season at Balaídos, against Celta’s P…
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  1. Best Club

  2. nice one

  3. HIOHOHOOHOH vaya paliza 7-0 y humillacion en vuestra casa!! este barsa va a pique jajaja y por cierto muy tonto diciendo eliminated cuando vosotros tambien lo estais. Nosotros mostramos almenos huevos vosotros mariconadas y un 7-0 y pa casa subnormales

  4. JonathanFCBarcelona


  5. Let’s come back again vs Bayern! We got ourselves a game! REMONTADA!

  6. hoohohohohoohohohohoohohhoohohohohoohohohohohoohoh

  7. Best video to watch before a big game! Visca El Barca!

  8. pls name song

  9. 4-0….Wembley here we go !


  11. Visca Barca !

  12. Visca Barca, Remuntada!

    (Also, am I the only one who thinks the voiceover sounds like the actor who plays Rawls on ‘The Wire?’ )

  13. hell yes, babe!

  14. Ηλίας Σκούρτης

    I hope that the camp nou will be on fire this tuesday and we will all be celebrating .. TRUST <3

  15. Its 3/6/13 right now, 4:16am EST, I am watching this inspiration videos as If I played in Barcelona.. We got eliminated from Copa, we got to win this man.. We need to beat Milan.. hopefully I can come back to this comment and smile.. cause my team went through.. this isn’t just a tournament. This is my passion. FCB I LOVE YOU. Pull through Milan, and be the team you always were. Get out of this slump! VISCA EL BARCA!

  16. We got ourselves a match.

  17. Un Barcelona herido, es lo más peligroso que puede haber en el futbol… Ha por la remontada!! Visca Barca!!!

  18. it’s a hard mission at camp nuo but it’s not impossible
    just believe

    visca el barca visca katalonya <3 <3


  20. nice, i hope the players watch it before the second leg on matchday

  21. Nice 

  22. barcelona best club in the world

  23. فارس الحق

    Just The Best … Viva Barca

  24. Holy shit, Valdes had hair.

  25. José Manuel Pinto Colorado

    Pls name song. Thx.

  26. Tnxx

  27. Best keeper in the world this season so far. I wish that he would stay

  28. valdes stay

  29. The fu%&$ing worse, not the best. The sooner he leaves the sooner we will start picking the titles again.

  30. are you taking the piss? “Some of the games Barca would’ve lost if he hasn’t been there” HOW MANY GAMES BARCA HAS LOST just because he has been there huh? He is absolute garbage, he was the biggest Barca’s weaknes for the past years, only this season he started performing again and he is Barc’as biggest strength at the moment, but for how long? We lost so many games because of him that I lost the count. One good example is 2012 Spanish super cup vs Real Madrid – that was painful to watch him.

  31. bien

  32. Still Shit .

  33. jaki tytuł piosenki??

  34. Shevin Premathilaka

    All u haters see valdes can save

  35. Thanachart Ruanin

    Never Can Say Goodbye

  36. The Name Of The Song Pleaaaase !!! ??

  37. eleven

  38. Shahab Vaziri , what you just said , is one of the most uncorrect thing i ve ever heard in my life . Pfff…not made for Barca , BS , he is the goalkeeper Barca need , he is great in 1vs1 , most of the time in counter attacks , so great for Barca because the defense stays high for tiki taka , and possesion , very agile , smart , and knows how to creat attacks from his box . Plz inform your self befose BS itting .

  39. Valdes Saving Goals!? Don’t Usually See That Happening.

  40. nah there are much better.. you can’t compare this guy with cech, buffon, schmeichel… i don’t agree that he is under rated he is just in a world class level 7 out of 10 grade…he is not bad but not within the top 5 goal keepers in the world right now…

  41. with the one aginst Rayo Vallecano , it’s 11 now 😉

  42. He had to earn everyone’s respect by deciding to go. Shame on the club and the fans.

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  44. Ale ta obrona karnego z ajaxem nie byla dosyc pewna 🙁

  45. THE BEST

  46. Criminally underrated. It’s like Cruyff said, for every one mistake he makes, he makes ten goals. Sadly, people won’t realise how good he is and how important to Barca he is until he has gone. Not going to be easy replacing him!

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