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FC Barcelona – New Beginnings 2012/2013

Check out my facebook: Follow on Twitter: @LeboAkatio Hey guys, here is a new video from me. Not the longest one, but I st…


  1. You inspire me so much Leboakatio. For me, honestly, you are the best video editor I have ever seen! Your videos have the soul. The man could cry when sees your video. It is so emotional 🙂

  2. really strong video! visca Barca!

  3. Anims Tito

  4. love it<3

  5. And they will win la liga

  6. Sadly, it was a short journey. I wish Tito all the best fighting his illness.. Tata’s start is looking good so far. I hope he continues Pep and Tito’s legacy.

  7. just an amazing video, emotional played

  8. I cry …

  9. Make another one like this, please! 🙂

  10. Do a video on gareth bale!

  11. You should definly make more vids , make your fans proud ;).

  12. New video?

  13. do a video for ronaldinho

  14. Get well soon Tito… #AnimsTito

  15. Tit Vilanova ends up as coach of Barcelona because of its canser. Now, he instead put all efforts on getting well. Recently, Tito received test results showing that the cancer has returned.:(

  16. Make a new video bro

  17. I miss the old barca with pep :(

  18. when are you going to make another video..

  19. thank you

  20. khaled al-jerisi

    thank you lebo you are the best…

  21. when r u goin 2 make another video?!

  22. So nice video.

  23. New video…:D

  24. Lebo,you make me cry.Any time i depression i just go watch your videos.It’s perfekt.Just keep doing <3

  25. New video?

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