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FC Barcelona – Song: “Everybody knows Barça is the best team in the world”

FC Barcelona - Song:

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  1. I think he’s talking about Cesc Fàbregas. Both played for Arsenal.

  2. Who was he talking about when he said ” I slept in his house” or “he’s a good friend “

  3. Alex best midfielder from cameroon, wish you the best to play con la blaugrana, tots units fem forza

  4. i mean CDM

  5. yh agreed toure is a better CMD

  6. Barcelona have been the best team in the world until now that you arrived! Hala Madrid!

  7. agreed

  8. moluksefreefighter01

    Yes but we’re talking about who fits better in the barca system, and its Busquets. Busquets is the best CDM, while yaya is the best box-to-box midfielder in the game today.

  9. why are english fans here saying come on Barca? lol glory hunters everywhere

  10. IMO :
    Yaya Toure : better physically,better attacker
    Bousquets : Better passer,better defender

    They are both great players

  11. agreed he is sloppy at times…but he is still young and a good promise…and i believe the main reason why Tito sign him is for his physical play..Barca needs a player like him to add more diversity to their players…………and they got 5 year’s contract on i believe Barca is going to get his best services yet in his career !!

  12. moluksefreefighter01

    If barca played in the PL then yes Messi would score the same amount of goals. maybe even more. If he played for a PL team, then no, because they wont understand his brilliance, like the barca players do. and thats because barca and madrid are WAY superior to the PL teams. the fact that utd has a hard time against fulham, and city against southampton, shows how overated the PL actually is. their football is quite average, a team like swansea even stands out.

  13. Good luck Alex! Fantastic servant to AFC, you will be missed, but your work was appreciated!

  14. I love messi and believe he is the best player in the world but if he was in the premier league he wouldn’t score half as many goals as every team is quite strong where as in Spain there is only really two teams challenging for the title with the odd exception, so i think that some barca players wouldn’t have as much sucess in the PL

  15. let us hear the fucking question

  16. I am just a football fan giving my opinion, so there is no need to get so worked up. I don’t have to agree with Messi or Iniesta, I am entitled to my own opinion. I also think that Yaya Toure is by far better than Busquets, but again that is just my opinion. I also said Barcelona players MIGHT have difficulties in the epl and you mention three Spanish players that never played for barca namely Mata, Silva and Cazorla. Henry scored 35 goals in 80 matches for Barca despite playing out of position.

  17. moluksefreefighter01

    No henry was a failure, failed in ALOT of matches. Why would barca players have difficulties to play in the PL? Mata/Cazorla/Silva/Arteta proved you wrong. and The barca midfielders are even better. Song is not better then Busquets, thats just your oppinion, your minority oppinion. Alex Song: Of course i will not take Busquets place, hes the best CDM in the world. hes also in Pep/Iniesta/Xavi/Messi/Alonso’s oppinion. who are you?

  18. I am not your son so don’t disrespect me and my parents. I am neither an Arsenal fan, nor am I a fan of Barcelona, I support Chelsea. Henry is one of the best strikers of all time and he helped you to win the treble, I wouldn’t call that a failure. It might be difficult, even for world class players to fit into the Barca system but a lot of the Barca players would have difficulties in the epl as well. Song is definitely better than Busquets imo but Busquets knows the Barca system.

  19. moluksefreefighter01

    It seems like you have to stick to basketball son, or just keep supporting Arsenal, because you dont know anything about the barca system. not even 1% of the barca fans would want Song over Busquets! Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta-Messi are irreplacable and ALWAYS on top of the list. Song was a good player fior Arsenal, jut like Hleb and Henry! what we’re they at barca? thats right failures. i don think Song will fail, he will be a usesfull substitute, but start over Busquets? NO WAY, FACT.

  20. Well I definitely disagree. Song is certainly better than Busquets and a reinforcement for Barcelona. He has played them more than once and there is a reason Barcelona acquired him. They must think he is good enough cause if not they wouldn’t have bought him. And his job at Arsenal was more than just protecting the back four which he did most of the time but it is difficult if guys like Vermaelen and Sagna are injured. He furthermore had to playmake since Arsenal had no one else to do it.

  21. moluksefreefighter01

    Hes a defensive midfielder, he doesn’t need to give assists, he has to do his job, wich is protecting the back 4, and he failed to do that. btw his positioning isn’t good, its quite poor. good player for arsenal, not good enough for barca.

  22. It’s not that Song is violent, it’s more the fact that Pepe will get his ass kick when he try to his gangster plays with Song.

  23. Quite the opposite actually. He is still young and he provided so much to the team both defensively and offensively. He had 11 assists to his name last season, is a very accurate passer, has very good ball control, pace, strength, good positioning and he is a good tackler. In fact I just watched a top ten goals video from Van Persie and 4 of those ten goals were superbly created by Song (/watch?v=kaGvjrRFKWE). Letting Song go for merely 15 million was very stupid. Good deal for Barca though.

  24. i know premier league is tough and all that. but is song really that “violent” since people are constantly setting him up against pepe? i hope not but yeah i see what you mean and i really do hope he puts pepe in coma! but i dont hope he puts a “violent” behavior into barca’s clean and fairplay ball

  25. 19 mil. its not 2 much, its fair i think

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