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FC Barcelona – Training session 26/04/2013

FC Barcelona - Training session 26/04/2013

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  1. i used to play with barcelona but then i went to [pumas unam’

  2. 0:50 busquets!!! my maan

  3. Piqué is bald. Woo

  4. i said MAINLY sanchez and busquets not ONLY sanchez and busquets, I know alot of barca players do it, Cuenca, Alves i guess but they have given it a rest, are you even reading what i post and saying Iniesta and Xavi diving? come on. you know what, arguing with a person that has biased opinions is pointless, im done

  5. andresiniesta1234567

    hahahh you lost 3 0 loser hahha

  6. So Real Madrid doesnt cheat and Ramos didnt deserve a red card vs dortmund, and by the way Pepe is the cleanest defender in the world. Only a fanatic will see such things of course barca cheats but real madrid doesnt? I mean if you are going to say something about barca check your own team first. This would only lead to Socratic Irony.

  7. I don’t have a favorite football club, I’m not a fan, i’m not even spaniard. But of course I mostly support Real Madrid, and the reason why is because Real is main enemy of Barca’s cheating actors. I hate Barca, so I’m always supporting their opponents in every game. Their main rival is Real Madrid, so I’m very happy then they beat Barca. But now I’m very satsified about recent match – Barca – Bayern 0:3, total 0:7 🙂 Fantastic.
    And Barca still is the most diving and cheating club in the world.

  8. 加油,巴萨罗那

  9. Николай Степанов

    я не один тут РУССКИЙ!!!!

  10. You are WRONG, Barca is not even in the top 10 of european teams that dives, Seria A has the most Diving teams, followed by Premier League then La liga, Barca does way less diving than most teams.You have a biased opinion therefore your argument is invalid. And i saw you used madrid refrences you a probably a madrid fan,I know barca players sometimes overreact Madrid players also overreact when challenged, don’t be biased, open your eyes

  11. Ahora me toca a mi abrazar a Jordi 🙂

  12. smh

  13. München!!!!!!!barca lose

  14. 왜 레알은 없냐고

  15. кто русский ставь лайк))))

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  17. wow i didnt know messi had a leg tattoo, why messi on ur leg of all places.

  18. バルセロナ5-0バイエルン

  19. este Tito la esta regando. Como dejas al Guaje en la banca otra ves!!!!! Afuera Fabregas! Fabregas no esta para estar con Barca. Delen al Guaje la oportunidad.

  20. Vamos un 4-0 o un 5-0 vamos chicos aunque sea a tratar força barça

  21. Mascherano

  22. barca 5 0 bayern

  23. BARÇA <3!!!

  24. Now FUCK OFF !!! 

  25. oooo grases barca

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