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FC Barcelona – Training session 27/02/2013

FC Barcelona - Training session 27/02/2013

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. stop blaming messi he’s facing 10 defenders while ronaldo is having fun with our defenders because he faced only 2 , messi had no chance to score and the referee was so bad we weren’t lucky and we don’t have the appropriate coach roura is bad , maybe madrid tomorrow will take the lead if our defend still bad like the last match .
    Wish you the best my dream team <3
    VISCA BARCA!!!! <3

  2. باذن الله في الليغا نهزم الريال 5-0

  3. Why is this soooo short

  4. We need Tito!!!! Come back!!! Visca Barça!!!

  5. *For everyone reading this!* Jesus loves you! yes you! ! ! John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son (Jesus) that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

  6. You are right. But give tito a chance. Since he is not with us look at how many games we lost/drew in short time… And for this season dont expect CL sucess as i see its over. Lets just focus on La Liga and get this thing home. Next season we will see a NEW IMPROVED BARCA! Lets go guys VISCA BARCA <3

  7. i enjoy watching barca play more then i enjoy them win =)

    visca barca

  8. My beloved Barça!!!! You’ll always have my support!!!! Miss Tito so so badly :( Visca Barça! Visca Catalunya!

  9. let us see david villa in next match, please.

  10. The team need Tito on the side of the pitch! Visca Barca!

  11. i still think barca era of posession 4-3-3 is not finished yet. downfall comes to every great team lets wait for them to bounce back. we just need some changes in our time. tello(for alexis) fontas or bartara (for puyol) xavi(for thiago alcantara) but i think xavi still can play for half on his day and last we dont need iniesta on wing against defensive teams we need tello on wing because tello has got alot of pace and he needs some experience

  12. yes win or loose barcelona in my heart. but dude we need to get rid of puyol i know he is legend but its time to take some young defender from lamasia or hummels…. look at 2nd and 3rd goal and u will know what im talking about. second goal shows puyol cant handle dynamic and paced player like di maria while in third goal what was puyol doing ? watching varane headin for goal …. is he playing for barcelona or training them ? respect for our legend puyol but he needs to retire

  13. That one dislike was done by a real madrid fan.

  14. This ain’t Facebook,,,

  15. Messi tenía fiebre hoy, no asistió al entrenamiento.

  16. es el primer video de entrenamiento donde no veo que salga messi
    bueno pienso que todos apoyamos a nuestro equipo que aunque solo queden dos
    competencias tenemos fe en ellos en que pueden ganar los dos torneos y sabemos que
    se puede vencer al milan porque en el camp nou es la tierra del sueño y la esperanza
    aunque roura no ayude mucho al equipo tenemos jugadores de altisimo nivel
    asi que vamos barça


  17. I agree with you. It’s not a formation problem, its an execution problem that is currently hitting Barcelona at the moment. Execution is EVERYTHING! It’s the manner in how you do things that gets you the best results; the Barça players already know this. The challenge is reinventing new tactical scoring drives along with strong execution.

    Dominant ball possession without scoring is pointless, the players know that also. In given time they’ll figure out how get back to their true essence.

  18. vamos Barca

  19. Guys, we have to play more risky and casual, just like the first season with guardiola please, u guys play so safe and that’s the point.

  20. “So what” his team lost yes hes the best ever but winning a trophy a season dosent match the 91 goals

  21. Barca for ever – But i have to say the way Barca has been playing last 6-7 game’s its really boring to watch , cus they just give pass pass pass No shoot on target not trying to get in the Box- they are not going direckt to the goal-go back to 2009 – 2010 – 2011 i loved to watch them pass pass pass very beautiful and Messi Run to the box and he get a pass 1 goal-Villa run get the pass goal-Pedro run he get the pass goal-everyone was afraid back then even Real madrid,but now Real is not afraid 🙁

  22. Barca revenge saturday.

  23. Messi is better than cr7 period

  24. copa del rey es para el malaga jajajjaja

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  26. Te duela o no, tiene razón, con los jugadores del Barcelona en baja forma la selección pegaría un bajón considerable

  27. A 18 🙂

  28. Yo no digo eso, yo digo que decir que el Barça es símbolo de Selección española es un error. En cuanto a sentimientos y a lo que representa el Barça, te guste o no, no tiene nada que ver una cosa con la otra. Es simplemente una coincidencia, así que no te flipes, y más cuando unos cuantos jugadores de tu querida selección ganan lo que ganan para ellos, y no porque crean en la mayor gloria de la “sagrada” selección española de los cojones. No te confundas.

  29. Si somos culés, deberíamos apoyarnos, en vez de insultarnos. Sí, soy culé, pero también soy realista. Evidentemente, es símbolo de Selección Española porque España lo gana todo con los jugadores el Barça. Venga, majo. Qué tengas un buen día. ¡Visca el Barça! =D

  30. Fanático del Barça,tú? Y dices que el Barça es símbolo de Selección Española? Venga no te líes más,Força Barça !

  31. Soy fanático del Barça y a mucha honra. Si no fueran por los jugadores del Barça, España no tendría un mundial, ¿o sí?

  32. ¡Qué gilipollez!, se escribe así. Lo tuyo sí que es una gilipollez. XD

  33. TXAZ84, eso pídeselo directamente a Xavi o a Piqué, ya verás lo que te van a responder, peazo de fanático.

  34. Que gilipollez !!!!!

  35. ya txa tiene razon debajo de mi el mejor comentario

  36. El Barça gana porque es símbolo de Selección Española. Gana el Barça, gana España.

  37. y lo de messi ya es que es normal no hace falta ni comentarlo…

  38. partidazo de cesce fabregas… me encanta thiago alcantara, increible la calidad que posee ese muchcacho¡

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