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FC Barcelona – US Tour 2011

Washington, Miami and Dallas to host Barça games on US Tour 2011.


  1. stop livin in denial dumbass

  2. man utd is the best..fuck barca.

  3. 😀

  4. how is the song called?

  5. CHIVAS 4-1 BARCELONA both teams playing with a lot of youth players in the second half, Chivas with 3 winners of the world cup u17.

  6. hahaha cool 😛 do u know the Barça anthem?

  7. ya salio la rata de su cloaca….

  8. 2 on 6, 5-0 , keep failin 😉

  9. im gonna use that word now! haha

  10. etc etc etc 😀

  11. literally in spanish means Viva!!! but u can see it as Go go!!
    visca is in catalan 🙂

  12. Respond to this video… 
    que significa “visca?”

  13. what does “visca” mean?

  14. I am I the only one who is excited to see Pep Guardiola play in the Mia Hamm Celebrity Challenge…

  15. OK GO 🙂

  16. The best sporting club in the world…they won the league in football(european cup too),basketball(last year european cup),handball(european cup too),indoor football…..

  17. @Daotrito check below I missed spelled the user name

  18. @Daitrito there’s only like 5 possible hotels they will stay at in Arlington/ Dallas one of them being the Hyatt under the huge ball place lol

  19. Does anybody know what hotel is Barca staying while in Dallas on August 6? Please let me know Please please!

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