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Fc Barcelona vs Chelsea | Official Trailer | SemiFinal 2012 | HD

Fc Barcelona vs Chelsea | Official Trailer | SemiFinal 2012 | HD Thx For watching And Please Don’t Forget Like And comment 😉 Wait my New video .. FB : faceb…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Valdez siempre cagandola si hubiera otro portero barcelona tubiera mas titulos

  2. Yadirawendyluna100

    Madrid all the way!!!christiano ronaldo is the best…..fuck el nino torrez

  3. its torres baby

  4. we love chelsea fc

  5. Chealse ?? Wtf

  6. Haters Haters 2-2 Am Afraid! El Nino strikes again! THUMBS UP!

  7. Did you watch the Inter Milan vs Barcelona semi final in 2010?

  8. Good luck chelsea …good luck…

  9. y messi??

  10. Chelseas line up was 9-1-0. For the love of god i have never seen a team defend the whole game.

  11. This Trailer For 18/4 and 23/4

  12. Forever BARCELONA

  13. Fuck Barcelona!
    We need all the luck we can get… Go Chelsea!

  14. fuck you chelsea twats…garbage shit

  15. Of Course Theyre Gnaa Defend ! Its Fcken Barca. After The First Goal We Gotta Protect The Little Luck That We Had.

  16. I agree with u dude…..
    This motherf**kers was only defending their goal post..
    They were playing like scaredy cat…
    Lets c hw this A**holes chelsea manages to score in Camp Nou… :X

  17. chelsea fags your team did so shit that i got bored from watching the game, all that chelsea did was defending after they scored that shitty goal, wait till camp nou fags you gonna play at our area stupid cunts

  18. 1-0 chelsea

  19. On Description .. Thx for watching

  20. music name

  21. music name

  22. Well done

  23. good <3

  24. great video <3

    like this 😉

  25. torres no seu melhor momento era o melhor camisa 9 q tinha

  26. Torres and Falcao will be the best attack in the world!

  27. He has never gone !!!

  28. Amaizing footballer

  29. lol this is just a video of him fucking up because he was awful and should have never left the reds, egotistical fuck.

  30. stop

  31. Torres FTW

  32. Come to Fc Bayern

  33. Torres pls come back to Liverpool!!!!

  34. Fernando Torres 1 – haters 0

    Beautiful goal against Barca :DDDDD

  35. Heskeys better

  36. Why the fuck do Chelsea kill off world class strikers Crespo, Shevchenko, & now Torres, fuck off chelsea.

  37. Naja wenn man die Spiele verfolgt zeigt er immer eine gute Leistung und hohe Arbeitsbereitschafft , nur er schießt keine Tore mehr..vielleicht hat er’s ja jetzt wieder mit dem Doppelpack im FA Cup…ich hoff’s zumindest!

    Chelsea!!! <3

  38. wo ist torres noch 35 millionen wert?

  39. The man will soon dominate..hopefully at Chelsea, but he WILL dominate. At least he’s not a racist little brat like that midget Liverpool have up front..

  40. Мага Бетон

    me him is misireable.  russia

  41. Song name ?

  42. hahahahahaha…not

  43. Fernando Torres to FC Bayern!

  44. song -Audiomachine - Breath and Life

  45. I thought this video wont be longer than 15 seconds …

  46. LEGEND !!

  47. @SmokeyTV2011 NAME OF SONG PLSSSSS!!!!!!!

  48. Player ? … xD

  49. back as in “I SUCK IN BLUE,” right? 😀 what a compilation he can afford to get. One regular goal. The most heroic thing was the look into Carraghers eyes. Get rich in trophies under the Stamford Bridge, Fernando. At first I felt satisfied with your game, but now it is just sad, embarrasing…

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