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Home / UK League / FC Barcelona vs FC Chelsea London 2 2 All Goals & Highlights Barça 2 2 Chelsea 24 04 2012

FC Barcelona vs FC Chelsea London 2 2 All Goals & Highlights Barça 2 2 Chelsea 24 04 2012

FC Barcelona vs FC Chelsea London 2 2   All Goals & Highlights   Barça 2 2 Chelsea   24 04 2012

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  1. Khairul Azwan Hussin

    Fuck barca and fuck chelsea! Love Torres!

  2. Payback for Barcelona ( Judges ) done last year too us !

  3. Chelsea Forever <3

  4. Well chelsea are so rubbish and man city and the other teams but not arsenal or msnbutd


    l love you torres

  6. Sandro Batinović

    auf und da vorn und valdes herum :D

  7. 3:20 so relieved!!

  8. I will always love Torres for this goal.

  9. I love you Bayern Munich!

  10. Guardiola is still Maurinho’s nightmare haha

  11. I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

  12. shooting percentage. chelsea had 64% on target while bayern had 51% of their shots on target. chelsea took the better shots. butchelsea hardly take good shots anyways but in the super cup, they did

  13. in the world

  14. no, it wasn’t. check out the uefa’s statistics of the match. total attempts: 37-14 (!) for bayern (on target 19-9). possession: 64% bayern, 36% chelsea. chelsea played clever football, but bayern clearly dominated the match.

  15. look at their shooting percantage. chelsea’s was more

  16. I use to watch these champions league games in my local restaurant down in Egypt, Most people watch the game all around the Middle East, you can even hear the neighbor yelling.

  17. How was Chelsea unlucky dude? If anything they were LUCKY that Bayern didn’t win by MORE goals. Cech kept Chelsea alive big time

  18. Bayern the best in the world!

  19. Best Football match of 2013

  20. Cech was superman in this game.

  21. 1:42 guy at the back XD

  22. pipiiiiiii

  23. käme voll kaka

  24. I really enjoyed this game. but god damn we deserved to win it

  25. whenever we play,stats don’t really matter cuz when our opponents lose the ball we cause a threat with oscar, schurrrle’s, torres’s, azard’s pace

  26. our counter attacking skills is really going to work for chelsea this season. KTBFFH

  27. Yessss

  28. THE BLUES - THE BEST TEAM 🙂 !!! ever 🙂

  29. fakyu

  30. MC Philip Lahm. 17:37

  31. so lukaku to everton!

  32. Revenged!
    Haha well done my boys! You’ve made us proud!
    Now go for the REPEATS on all fronts!
    Go Bayern!

  33. One of the best Football games i have ever seen , i was ultra excited the day i watched this from min 1 all the way to the penaltys #MIASANCHAMPIONS

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