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Fernando Torres – 2011 | Chelsea Fc |

video by imad Lmoussaoui Subscribe the to channel for More video! New video Fernando Torres – 2011 | Chelsea Fc | Skills and Goal with New team Highlights Qu…
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  1. This is something arsenal fan wont be seeing next year lol, 0:06

  2. its in a calender year

  3. He only scored 30 goals in the premier league

  4. mancheter 20

  5. All we need now is Theo Walcott to say ‘I Helped’

  6. Van Persie = Production of Arsenal

  7. no problem buddy

  8. Oh shit, im sorry i didnt read it properly

  9. what the fuk are u on about u stupid cunt i said how good he was read tings first ya faggit

  10. FATMAN & ROBIN FOR HALF MIL A WEEK. . . . . . why do i feel robin will be like torres in chelsea

  11. I said 200,000 pounds a WEEK not a month so who’s the retard now.

  12. think again bitches. . .

  13. hope he diesnt become a torres

  14. As a united fan. Arsenal need to sort them Selves out. You can’t win trophies as you seek all your best players. Nasri, toure, clichy, Rvp, fabergas

  15. He could’ve gone to PSG or City and got paid much more. City especially as they actually bid for him.

  16. fuck you how come he has been arsenal top scorer or the last 2 seasons and i think 3 times in total, your just a jealous prick

  17. how was he a 1 season wonder u stupid cunt he has been unreal for years u r an idiot

  18. fuk arsenal bitch enjoy another season without a trophy booo yaaa

  19. look to my chanel gunners! I’ve some Arsenal videos! Thanks! fuck manutd 😉

  20. hey Robin we want 40 goals in next season 😀

  21. Welcome to united

  22. welcome to Manchester United

  23. Welcome to Old Trafford.

  24. One season wonder

  25. Painful to watch

  26. This song is shit.

  27. She’s Looking For Love(In The Club) – Varsity Fanclub

  28. What is the song

  29. whats the name of the song?

  30. eh, skończcie już z tym Realem i Barceloną.. srają się tylko między sobą i
    nic więcej. Cieszę się że to Chelsea i Bayern będą teraz rozgrywać mecz 19,
    niech mają szansę. Zawsze będzie że to Chelsea fuksem wygrała z Barcą a
    prawda jest taka że Messi nie zawsze strzela karnego. Tęsknię za czasami
    kiedy w Barcelonie grał Ronaldhino. To były czasy! Oba kluby grały z
    szacunkiem do siebie. Z chęcią bym to jeszcze raz przeżyła 😉

  31. @AC3xHD wasnt all gerrard and torres, dirk kuyt was really good too

  32. Chelsea could have bought 99 Million Freddo bars instead

  33. Torres form left him a year before he left Liverpool. I thought it was
    because he wasn’t happy at the club but i think his head is just gone.
    Shame really. Thanks for the 50 mill anyway

  34. I am starting to think Torres was sent by Liverpool to infiltrate the
    Chelsea team, and purposely play badly, just to return to Liverpool after
    hindering any Chelsea progress.

  35. he didn’t score a goal during the whole video -.-

  36. Worst player in football history hahaha

  37. soothingrelaxing123

    Me being a Liverpool fan I still get excited when Torres scores for
    Chelsea. He is world class and I hope he scores against Barca

  38. she look for love in the club or somethin like that …

  39. Torres is the sexyest player in the world

  40. Pls liverpool form come back and confirm if his form comeback every team
    scared and chelsea will win title every time

  41. love how in the description it says ‘Skills and Goal’ because Torres has
    only scored like what, 1 goal for Chelsea since his 50 Million move from

  42. @AC3xHD wow do you genuinely believe that? ‘Torres doesn’t need too score
    goals’ sounds like your in denial. Hes playing badly, even with the
    ‘assists’, hes playing badly. All the rational Chelsea fans I know (and I
    live in the area) agree.

  43. You should start making one for 2012 🙂

  44. 1life1love1clubCFC

    I can’t believe this person who thinks he’s a footballer got a massive
    cheer considering he’s gone over 20 games with out a goal. We should boo
    this guy from here on in

  45. Not a waste of a player so I don’t agree fully I’d say we spent gave them
    20million to much, he’s playing good in that left wing position sort of but
    he is being bit inconsistent I just want to see him perform consistently
    that’s all but theirs always next season undoubtedly new players in to
    assist the CLUB (not Torres) fingers crossed for me.

  46. i believe el nino i love you <3

  47. What is the name of the song?? Please

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