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Fernando Torres “Hall Of Fame” | el nino | Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC *2007/2012*

Fernando Torres is the best song: hall of fame Thanks for watching.


  1. Torres will always be better at liverpool

  2. Notice how good he was when he was at LFC?

    Torres will always look better in RED.


  3. lot? bullshit

  4. I’m miss you so much torres, when i saw him in every clip, in liverpool

  5. TheMizterLoquendero


  6. Fïr Iz Þrïñçð

    You are mad, he wasnt top class when Liverpool bought him..i would like to
    alter it Created by Atletico. Developed by Liverpool. Destroyed by Chelsea.

  7. It’s hard to believe its the same player…

  8. very very very like

  9. He was better with liverpool Liverpool was better with him Chelsea fan

  10. Haha, man you give me cancer. Liverpool bought him as a star. He was the
    best in Liverpool from day 1. (Exept Gerrard) Created by Atletico.
    Developed by Atletico. Bought by Liverpool. Destroyed by Chelsea. Fixed by

  11. Recreated by: Chelsea mark my words 😉

  12. Torres sucks

  13. Why you left us , why ? Because of fucking money ? You was legend in
    Liv’pool. But you left us and goes to Shit of Chelsea . Please Come back !
    We need you ! 🙁

  14. Kirill Grigorenko

    YNWA Torres

  15. And the world gonna now your Names

  16. I am chelsea fan and I have hope on him till I die.

  17. As man utd fan but torres is AMAZING

  18. Can u imagine if he had not left lfc and paired up with suarez, sigh

  19. he used to demolish chelsea demolished him..

  20. Twat

  21. you will never walk alone pops up while he is wearing a blue shirt nice

  22. I’m a liverpool fan and I think that el nino should of stayed at liverpool
    and he should move from chelsea if he’s not happy there

  23. Com back to anfield torres we still love u

  24. I think he understands now, that every moment he has spent with Liverpool
    was more valuable than CL title.

  25. Santiago montero leva

    Torres seras unos de mis jugadores pereferidos

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