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FIFA 12 Manchester United vs Chelsea FC HD

A nice match between Manchester United and Chelsea London FC. Don’t forget to visit – IGCompany ENTertainment – Your source for the la…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Today, Chelsea FC proudly reveal the new 2011/12 home and goalkeeper kits. If you pre-order yours today you will be guaranteed delivery on 12th May when the …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  2. man u is the best best

  3. go Chelsea FC!

  4. wich software is usefull for recording the pc gameplays plz telo

  5. None. It’s on PC.

  6. FIFA until Death!!!!

  7. 2:06 “GREEN ARMY” X10

  8. blueminecraftman22

    fraps if you willing to play bandicam if not

  9. Go Chelsea!!!!!

  10. Hey guys! I’m thinking of buying this game…is it worth it?? Thanks

  11. blueminecraftman22


  12. Man u Man u is the best !!!

  13. isso é ps3 ou xbox360?


  15. Spoiler alert!

  16. Yes glory man utd won!!!!

  17. blueminecraftman22

    cech the man!!!!

  18. phải nói là kết quả 1-0 là k hợp lý..phải đến 3-0

  19. que cara ruim eu ganharia facinho facinho

  20. lololol cool

  21. MU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forever~

  22. jeuxdecoursedevoitur

    good match, i like mu

  23. cả 2 chơi gà lắm lắm luôn.

  24. 3.30 u shud have finessed.

  25. Cartoon?

  26. @aviman8 sorry for the late reply but HAHAHA

  27. MrBramzuidervaartoo7

    its so beautiful i love it

  28. @magnusak20 I fink you were wrong 🙂

  29. @magnusak20 Look how wrong you were… maybe next season.

  30. looking back at this vid, maaannnn i really gonna miss drogba and kalou ;(

  31. i fucking hope kaka or eto move to chelsea cause that would be amazing

  32. kit nice

  33. damn lampard so cool.. im so jelly :

  34. @GrantJLomas he surely will

  35. No it isn’t to bad.. But we paid 50 million for him so it’s fucking terrible

  36. charlotte scutchings

    i love the new kit it will be fun to see all the players in there new kit
    in when we play newcase and it will be when on 14th may2012 and be out in
    the shops on the 12 of may 2012 can not wai to get it

  37. The playing kit “improves speed and awareness”. What a load of tripe. I
    could be wearing a larger heavy shirt and I would still perform just as
    good. Tighter shirts WILL NOT improve performance.

  38. NIce kit

  39. @TheDarkvader13 I didn’t see that part, I just saw “Manchester” be more
    specific :L alot of people outside England make that mistake

  40. @GrantJLomas NOOOOOOOOO Neymar will wear real madrid kit not chelsea

  41. Triệu Duy Hiền

    yêu chelsea, yêu tất cả mọi thứ ^^

  42. @magnusak20 regreting that yet

  43. great kit good look

  44. Emelia Mensah-Coker

    @GreatestSounds well done!

  45. @thebeast2033 liverpool dopey!1-0!

  46. always have to laugh when they try to say the kit will help your speed and
    endurance absolute bullshit

  47. Haha @ 1:40. The guy in the blue moves the ball out of the position Torres
    was holding it and almost instantly, Torres moves it back 🙂

  48. Fernando Torres isnt shit, he has improved significantly since last year

  49. Lampard just always looks like a model. Love him! Getting the 2012/13 kit
    today that is a beauty as well!

  50. ohh you were so wrong…

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