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FIFA 13 Super Cup Prognose – FC Bayern München vs. FC Chelsea – [Deutsch] [HD]

Super Cup (30. August 2013) FC Bayern München vs. FC Chelsea Zur Folge: Infos zum Spiel: http://gameplayer507.bplace…

FC Chelsea vs FC Basel 1893 all goals and highlights 02.05.2013 League Europe http://vk…
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  1. mes que un club

  2. chichi415frisco


  3. More then a club. . . an entire referee squadron

  4. music any1 ?

  5. love the game not the names

  6. Lol all these diver yelling bitching hating because Barcelona 5-0’d their bitch team. Barcelona plays the best football in the world, hop off their nuts.

  7. Mourinho and Ronaldo whatched the video

  8. songg

  9. Barca have some divers in their team, but madrid also has (di maria, marcelo, ramos). Many top teams in Europe have divers. Barca outplayed Madrid and madrid are bad losers, they blame the opponent instead of looking at their own football. 20% ball possesion is sad in your own Stadium, the real madridistas know that.

    Always look to yourself when you make mistakes/lose games, focus on your own football, instead of the divers from barca. .

  10. Let’s dive!
    This is for you:
    have fun. Bitch

  11. This is for you:
    have fun

  12. Divers??? LOL R. Madrid is a truh diver with Di Maria and Cristiano. Poor crybaby

  13. Let’s dive!


  15. it’s an amazing video!! congratulations!!!! barca is the best team in the world and thats the best fan video for barca at youtube!! (sorry for my bad english i am from greece)

  16. I love this video

  17. VeB

  18. peps leaving after this season, its an end of an era. . . you played the game right

  19. barcelona will always be better than arsenal

  20. Barca & Chelsea all the way!!

  21. fantastic video man !

  22. Im an ARSENAL Fan brilliant video man. Congrats to Barcelona and i wish them good luck in the next round. They were the better team against us.

  23. I’m a madrid fan, but barcelona play football very well! And what a great video!

  24. Fantastic!!!

  25. Nice Video Bro !

  26. Spielst du Amateur? Das ist einfach…:D

  27. Achso Dann ist es ja ok. Ich hab mal eine Frage aber nur wenn du zeit hast
    die ist ein bisschen länger gameplayer. Schreibe mir bitte eine Mail an

  28. Und auf was für einer schwierigkeitsstufe spielst du denn???

  29. Kumalamamayako

  30. So keine Ahnung von fußball. Beim supercup gibt’s Verlängerung.

  31. ja ich weiss, beim Aufnehmen hab ich das mit der Champions League
    Gruppenphase verwechselt.

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