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Fifa 14 | Manchester United Career Mode | Ep.1 | Transfer Targets

Hello guys, welcome to my first career mode series in Fifa 14! Todays episode is based on the tranfers of players coming in and going out of Manchester Unite…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Manchester United fans at West Brom for Sir Alex Fergusons last game as manager, including a smoke bomb being set off. The Best Of Man Utd Football Fans! Sub…


  1. Sign pogba

  2. Sell RVP and get Ibra

  3. sell rvd

  4. sell van persi

  5. SubSweatyGamersHD

    Thanks man 🙂

  6. awesome mate 😀

  7. what?

  8. Roy Keane Mate That Was 8 Year Ago Keano Left United… Stop Bullshitting

  9. i have got Gundogan and Reus, but im going in for Baines in Jan! 🙂

  10. Buy Sirigu, Dante, Baines and Gundogan. 😀

  11. +Max Lad are they fuck. Not even got the best HOME fans in the league, let
    alone in England.

  12. Ahahahahaaaa best fans in England this is fucking awful. Randomly chanting
    united and setting off a bit of smoke don’t make you the best fans. Dream
    on that you’ll be as good as leeds one day. Pyros and drums are fucking
    shit, pyros and drums are fucking shit…. If you need a drum or a flare
    for atmosphere then it shows how bad you really are

  13. whats the name of the song at 2:10???


  15. 20 times terry. sign on sign on

  16. United away fans are very good but they have been one of the easiest teams
    to support in football for twenty years or so, never had a relegation scrap
    getting dicked most weeks



  18. That lad is from Salford who let flare off at 2:42 and has since had an
    eight week jail term, suspended for 12 months, had to pay an 300 pound fine
    AND 80 pound “victim surcharge” fine, been trialed in court and has now
    been handed a three-year football banning order. Yet like 200 flares and
    smoke bombs be let off in Turkey and Greece each game and nothing happens.
    This countrys a shithole

  19. I Thought over rated was on fifa 13 O_o

  20. Best away fans in the league.

  21. not really no…

  22. We will support man utd trough

  23. whats the chant of the intro?

  24. Omg, this is so true!

  25. I love that! We’ll do what we want !!!!! #MUFC

  26. To many mongs comment on these videos. Most decent lads within English
    football know how good United’s support is. I’m 17 and haven’t missed a
    game for the last 5 years. Following united isn’t as easy as it seems.
    Tickets are very hard to come by. And that’s why sometimes you see divs and
    if you base your opinion on them. Don’t bother saying your opinions.

  27. go fuck yourself!

  28. ye it does matter ya mong its bout pride of where ya from tht wud be like
    sayin support a country ya not even from in the world cup

  29. did you fuck

  30. R u fuckin’ dumb? we support manchester in every match ! lose or win we
    Support it!

  31. Everton best fans

  32. Shit all over you last year at upton park

  33. most overrated fans in the world


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