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FIFA 14 Manchester United – Career Mode S1 Episode 5

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  1. It’s Nigel Clough not Brian Clough

  2. U speak the same way as TomLFCHeaven ….. I mean like the subscriber wants
    u too change to Legandary but U been deafeated by Lfc and west brom .. Even
    tom says that but he lost to other teams ….

  3. Lol ur using the normal first team? WTF?

  4. loll West Brom won 2-1 in real life!

  5. play young motherfuck

  6. how did Rooney keep that????????

  7. xD WBA aha 🙂

  8. Bryan cluff was also manager of Nottingham Forrest and he took them to win
    the cl 2yrs in a row

  9. Play van persie

  10. stop say “get in” please…

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  12. nope just went to gay clubs

  13. I herd that brain cluff was a homosexual

  14. Lol Amalfitano scored the winner in real life aswell

  15. I do not think that that is world class

  16. I serious

  17. Ye come on u rams

  18. It was 20 yards not 35

  19. iwant you to use van persie more really

  20. Amazing team love United and how long it is

  21. he tried to make leeds less dirty ut they never learn we all hate leeds scum

  22. They lost 2.1 to west brom

  23. This is how it feels to be city this is how it feels to be small you signed
    phil jones we signed kun aguero.. Kun AGUERO!!

  24. You actually predicted the West Brom game well lol. We did lost 2-1 in

  25. we can all see u don’t need to say all The time top tip douche

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