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FIFA 14: Manchester United Career Mode – Season 1 – Part 2

HIT that LIKE button and let your friends and family know that PAYTON is back in charge at Manchester United. Also, if you haven’t already be sure to hit tha…


  1. Januzaj is a fantastic player so far in career. At 72 on legendary he has 4 goals and 3 assists for me in 13 games. It’s insane the difference he can make in a squad.

  2. Shaw would have been better Shaw is 18 while Baines is 28. Plus you have Fabio and Buttner anyway I probably wouldn’t even sign a LB.

  3. borussia moenchengladbach is german

  4. Excuse me?? Did you just say that Gladbach is in the Bundesliga 2?! And who exactly told you that shit?? 😀

  5. Matthew Hetherington

    It’s Borussia Monchengladbach from the Bundesliga2 itching

  6. I’m sorry you think that. The last time I checked though, it was the IN thing to do, to commentate over gameplay here on YouTube. Maybe I should consider just yelling and screaming in my videos.

  7. love The sound of your own voice much ?

  8. Is this the ultimate edition of fifa

  9. Dude step yo game up u playing at semi pro level !!

  10. wrong again 😛 Lindegaard*

  11. For one its a German team lol and two it’s not lindengard it’s lindergard

  12. sell nani

  13. release anderson

  14. Get rid of Ashley Young

  15. Try buying Marco Rues

  16. buy luke shaw

  17. depending on how long you do this carrer mode, i think lewandowski is the perfect rvp replacement

  18. Ashley Cole is a good buy, i got him for £5million and 130,000p/week for 1 year contract and his 85 rated at 32 which is amazing!!

  19. Great goal

  20. STOP FINESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. No they don’t and Fabio did play right back.

  22. You Obviously dont watch United, Rafael and Fabio just look exactly the same, Rafael didn’t play the latest games cause he was injured, Fabio has barely played?

  23. I say it like: Mön-ch-en-gl-a-bach

  24. in my united career mode i sold anderson fletcher hernandez kagawa and nani i brought in bartra shaw barkley draxler maher insigne and benteke

  25. why arent you starting rooney in my opinion best on d team

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