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FIFA 14 Manchester United Player Predictions! Ft. Lingard, Januzaj & RvP

Could we hit 150 Likes for Part 2 tomorrow? 🙂 Remember that this is just my opinion, if you disagree feel free to drop a comment and let me know your predic…
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  1. MAN UTD ARE MY TEAM! YOUR BEAST MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Januzaj’s rated 69 officially atm.

  3. I think EA have gotton Fabio mixed up with Rafeal!

  4. I know this is your opinion but I think januzaj should be 73-76 but I see
    what your thinking about the 66 rated I agree because he is still young and
    he needs to prove himself

  5. no rlly its fabio that u pic 😀

  6. Stefan Haukur Asgeirsson

    Lol januzaj is 61 should be 75

  7. januzaj should be 68/70

  8. januzaj is albanian

  9. januzaj should be 70+

  10. de gea is fucking underrated in FIFA

  11. he is better than hart…..

  12. 84 for de gea deffinately lad he was fucking sick part from the few
    mistakes at start he was fantastic

  13. every one has there own opinons we cant all be the same or like the same!!

  14. De gea prob 82

  15. lol januzaj 59 passing u seriues ? have u ever seen him play shuld be at
    least 80

  16. De Gea is much much better than the hyped up Hart

  17. He is better than joe hart, does he deserve 84?

  18. Lingard was in fifa 13

  19. i agree on de gea more then anyone else. he is so under rated and is the
    second best goalie in the bpl

  20. Di Nitale won’t be a 90 neither will Cavani but the rest most likely

  21. Nice predi BurnedFry. 🙂

  22. fifaRAWR send you? ;D

  23. Pace isn’t just sprint speed it is a combination of different attributes

  24. You are way to biased.

  25. Januzaj 99 passing

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