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FIFA 14 – Ronaldo’s Club Tour – #1 – Manchester United

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Turkish Airlines Manchester United Commercial.


  1. Dortmunt reus if

  2. Hamburg

  3. ronaldo in DORTMUND!!

  4. Dortmund BVB 4 ever

  5. real

  6. Ac milan

  7. Ronaldo to Schalke Hala Madrid

  8. Ronaldo by barça

  9. Ronaldo in sandhausen ;D

  10. fc sankt pauli

  11. Werder Bremen

  12. Roses are red violets are blue the titles English you should be too

  13. Fc bayern

  14. Manchester City

  15. FC BArcelona

  16. werder bremen 🙂

  17. Werder Bremen

  18. Ronaldo in Juventus

  19. In Wolfsburg

  20. Werder bremen

  21. in bayern:D

  22. Bremen !!:-)

  23. Super Bayern Super Bayern

  24. Ronaldo in Dortmund

  25. Manchester City

  26. I wish thre was a Bayern Munchen commercial with an airline.

  27. Achievement get! Save Sir Bobby from a ball

  28. cobardegallinaortega

    and then Fulham and then Fulham reserves and then your mom , and then your
    mom’s fuckers and then your mom’s fuckers reserves ….ahahahhahhhaa amına
    koyduğumun embesili seni

  29. cry more like a baby chelsea fun, manchester united is the best english
    team and sec tottenham and then arsenal and then west ham and then
    tottenham reserve and then arsenal reserve and then west ham reserve …

  30. Satya Svarupa Dasa

    EVDS is the savior as usual! We miss you Van Der Sar.

  31. Mariam Melikishvili

    well the airlines are good but the food…. tasty but you won’t go out of
    toilet at least after washington dc flight 😀

  32. thanks for the link. like I said though, unfortunately for me this girl is

  33. bobby would have headed it back to rooney 🙂

  34. @happyguy5555 at 0:21 is Bebe not Evra, 0:25 Evans and Gibbo

  35. Van der Sar was seated on the other side of the plane..

  36. lol, Good save Edwin and good luck wayen.

  37. 0:36 REALLY want to learn that!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE TEKKERS

  38. Lol if it was De Gea that had to save Sir Bobby Charlton, he’d be dead yo

  39. Bebe should be in economy class…

  40. where is Nani???maybe flying on trustable flying companies
    ahahaah….turkish???LOL is like flying on the russian or indian airlines..
    “we fly like a rock- up ….and down after seconds!” loll

  41. @reddevilzzZz85 De Gea’s a good shot stopper. Sir Bobby would be dead if it
    was a cross though 😛

  42. that’s how good he was…. (according to my son…)

  43. Hahaha lol

  44. I would love to be on the plane with them!

  45. jajaja muy divertido

  46. u catch to humour. they deliberatly insist to show him at his first place
    to feedint the how magnificent and fast saving he did..

  47. We are Turkish Airlines, we love globally yours

  48. how did van der sar get from the right side of the plane to the left side
    so quickly?

  49. u feel about her more than a friend ? 😉 tell em honestly bro

  50. Oh my god !

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