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Fulham Vs Manchester United 1-3 Match Review (2013/2014) (2/11/13) (2nd November 2013)

Another comprehensive match review from @1rebs, who went home happy – but did we ‘miss an opportunity’? Subscribe FREE for more MUFC fan videos: http://bit.l…


  1. Arsenal are getting it next . RVP will get a hat-trick . COME ON UNITED !!!!

  2. Why do people comment talking shit bout Manchester united that they suck
    like wtf why you watching videos of Manchester United

  3. 8th place doesnt feel particularly glorious sunshine

  4. I might not always agree with Rebecca’s opinion but i like to hear what she
    has to say. Nice one!

  5. We’d love to buddy but Sky own the rights and we can’t afford the millions
    it costs to own them. If we steal them, our channel will get removed.
    Thanks for watching mate

  6. Top man

  7. This is why i love love Rebecca…she always speaks the truth!

  8. I am OK with this result… It should just feel like job well done and keep
    players, fans and the club grounded rather than celebrating excessively…
    It has to continue and once we are at 3-5 points from the top then we can
    celebrate… It’s no use winning 7-0 and losing next week I prefer two
    silent 1-0 wins which keep everyone honest

  9. i dont understand why people criticize man utd. The league is so tight
    people make as if united are in the relegation zone

  10. Shiji and fellaini not up for it

  11. It was the 3 changes if they had stayed the same we would of been 5

  12. idk why i might be crazy but valencia to RB kagawa? lol.. januzaj please
    and we all love RVP but if about 70 mins pass without a goal or it’s even
    bring on hernandez no giggs they’ll just pass the ball too easily around
    him fellaini for him

  13. The match will be won and lost in midfield and with arsenals talented
    midfield and form, they may prove too much for united also, United could
    not even hold of southampton or westbrom at home not to mention narrowly
    beating stoke, so I would say arsenal are clear favorites and they have a
    stronger squad overall.

  14. We need to put tacticians against arsenal.My lineup against gunners De gea
    Rafa evans vidic(he plyd well against fulham) evra Carrick Giggs Valencia
    rooney Kagawa Van persie

  15. I take that back ur right… RedMan Army!

  16. I’m a united fan its just it looks like Everton out there…. a bunch of
    somebody’s acting like a bunch of nobodies later with the exception of
    Wayne Rooney who gives his 110%…. I’m just being skeptical…

  17. Only problem was having Fellaini and Jones together, Moyes shouldve had
    Giggs on the bench.. If he came on for Cleverley we would’ve scored and

  18. I agree about taking our foot off the pedal, but we’ve done that for years
    and years. It annoys me but it’s the very least of our problems right now.
    It won’t affect our points total.

  19. The funny thing is even though we are being called shit. We are still only
    3 points behind Chelsea in 2nd

  20. Karthik Shyamsundar

    Spot on again

  21. Me too !


  23. We should beat arsenal on saturday but i dont think it will happen arsenal
    is just too good this season

  24. I thought we were poor second half

  25. For all the people calling for the head of Cleverly look at how we play
    without him or Carrick, I mean c’mon he might not be the player that we
    want but him and Carrick are still the only two players who can actually
    keep the ball in the midfield.

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