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Gareth Bale ● Best Of Tottenham ● Skills, Dribbling & Best Goals | HD

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  1. What kind of song is that lol

  2. sigue soñando.

  3. sigue soñando.

  4. The machine

  5. Gustavo Dias Silvino

    Bale+C. Ronaldo+Benzema+RealMadrid inteiro nuuuunca chegarao aos pes de Messi e Neymar… Vivaa o Futebol Brasileiro… Viva o pais do Futebol…

  6. Neymar is on the floor half of the time hes on the fricking pitch! !!

  7. “No Way”


    Neymar=Tom Daley

  8. Ňàđĵảt Ľǿķa ṔǾŗ-Ểľ

    2:08 WoooooW, Mind Blown*

  9. what is the song of this video?

  10. Bale is to overrated like Neymar. Hamsik is way better than Gareth Bale and Neymar!

  11. Zidane >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. Are you actually mental or?

  13. Bale has had one season scoring a few goals and we know Tottenham were goiing to let him go because previously he was rubbish. During his time, he scored a goal against Arsenal, but it was a schoolboy error by the defender which gave him a free open opprtunnity – the rest of the game he was quiet. Phil Jones marked him out the game against Utd many times – Bale is non-existent on the pitch most of the time and that is a fact. However, I am delighted Bale went to Madrid – now we have Mesut Ozil!

  14. hknpleasemakesure

    I do believe you are an arsenal fan so i do not expect any good words about bale from you. But i have to say that bale has been fantastic for 3 seasons already. And bale has scored against Man U, Man City and your team Arsenal itself. So i do not know what do you mean by poor teams? And to sum up, even wilshere needed only one good game against barca to become such a player you are talking about today. So do not think players must be performing 10 good seasons to prove to be a good player

  15. Youtube can make anyone look good and this is an excellent example of editing – the truth is Bale had one good season and got goals mainly against poor teams – 99% of the time he makes mistakes or gets defended out of the game – he has no passing ability or technique – just a good shot. To take Bale and lose Ozil is a crime against football – Arsenal fans are laughing – thank you Mr Perez.

  16. When he bealive

  17. Arh dat shit music

  18. Overated player

  19. One great season. Become the most expensive player, fiorentina perez logic

  20. King of soccer is back at real madrid

  21. Steerner & Tjernberg ft Brenton Mattheus - Zyzz (Original Mix)
    gracias for me 😀

  22. Como se llama la cancion?

  23. We lost the real meaning of football !
    nowdays if you want to get titles you only need is money

  24. ronaldihino>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 😀

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